Stellar performances mark local edition of International Jazz Day

Other talented musicians on the bill included Prudence Katomeni, Rute Mbangwa, Nicholar Mutuwa, Mono Mukundu and Victor Kunonga.
By Khumbulani Muleya May. 1, 2024

Artistes plot a memorable jazz celebration

He, however, expressed concern that a lot of people in the country have an affection for the genre, but radio stations were not giving much attention to it.
By Sharon Zebra Apr. 26, 2024

International day of jazz: Local concert on the cards

Beyond the concert, Meck hinted at plans for educational outreach in schools. “We have schools that have embraced jazz.
By Khumbulani Muleya Apr. 19, 2024

Racism: A scourge still gnawing societies

Hasters’s book has touched many people’s lives, and has particularly resonated with people of mixed heritage.
By Nyadzombe Nyampenza Mar. 22, 2024

Weaver Press closes chapter after 25 years of publishing excellence

Weaver Press co-founder Irene Staunton told IndependentXtra that the press would be closing at the end of the year.
By Khumbulani Muleya Dec. 15, 2023

Almasi brings African Diaspora voices to Harare

According to Almasi, a crucial aspect of creating powerful plays is understanding and analysing excellent dramatic works from the past.
By Khumbulani Muleya Aug. 27, 2023

Almasi presents Nigeria reading to the Zim public

The actors, who read from scripts, may be seated, standing in fixed positions, or incorporate minimal stage movement.
By Winstone Antonio Aug. 18, 2023

Shake off idleness, mbira musician tells youth

A mbira player since the age of six, Taffie holds a BSc Honours in Music Business, Musicology and Technology from the Midlands State University.
By Tendai Sauta Oct. 18, 2022