WestProp takes marketing road trip to the US

WestProp CEO Ken Sharpe will headline the marketing drive as the company prepares to extend the road trips to other diaspora markets.
By Business Reporter Feb. 12, 2024

WestProp banks on penthouses

WestProp’s next development to comprise of penthouses will be The Hills Golf Lifestyle Estate and the Pomona City Estate Phase three and four — A city within a city.
By Business Reporter Feb. 9, 2024

Feature: Circumstances not a barrier as children dream big

They are determined to fulfil their dreams, spurred on by their siblings that have excelled in life.
By Staff Reporter Dec. 20, 2023

Sharpe: The high school dropout changing Harare’s skyline

At 17, Kenneth Raydon Sharpe chose to pursue his passion and dream by abandoning school.
By Business Reporter Dec. 4, 2023

WestProp, Sharpe win awards

WestProp has this year won local, regional and international awards based on its huge impact in the housing sector and astute marketing of its products and brand Zimbabwe.
By Business Reporter Dec. 2, 2023

WestProp wins Pomona City land wrangle

WestProp and another company called Fairclot Investments have been at loggerheads over the land.
By Staff Writer Sep. 22, 2023

WestProp to host property conference

The conference comes on the backdrop of several property developments underway, nationally, at a time the sector is facing highly priced rentals and exorbitant property prices.
By Blessed Ndlovu Sep. 13, 2023

Pomona City: Dubai comes to Harare

On phase two of Pomona City, WHL will introduce a leasehold model that makes acquisition of property much cheaper as it removes the bulk cost of the land.
By Business Reporter Jun. 22, 2023

In conversation with Trevor: Katedza on working with Oprah, Prince Harry

They were very strict about the welfare of the crew, and the people who we were also interacting with.
By In Conversation With Trevor Jun. 11, 2023