Middleton reveals inspiration behind School of Sport column

It is very simple, really! I love sport! I believe in the incredible impact sport can have on every child.
By Tim Middleton May. 7, 2023

A positive position

It is what sells newspapers (bad news) and maybe it is motivated by the idea of “Do to others before they do it to you”.
By Tim Middleton Apr. 23, 2023

Sharp sharp!

There are the common sayings which tend to highlight the cat’s alleged superiority, such as “Dogs have masters; cats have staff.”
By Tim Middleton Jan. 22, 2023

Be silent and speak

We now have the Miranda warning as a result of that case - “You have the right to remain silent.
By Tim Middleton Dec. 18, 2022

School of sport: Latent talent

Susan Boyle shot to fame overnight when she defied the judges’ initial dismissal of her on account of her appearance by stunning the audience with her rendition of the song ‘I Dreamed a Dream’
By Tim Middleton Dec. 11, 2022

Flight of angels or fight of humans?

In general terms, helicopters do obviously have pros and cons with regard to flying.
By Tim Middleton Oct. 23, 2022

In parentheses

The opening sentence of the novel ‘The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman’ (by Laurence Sterne) certainly challenges our will to read novels!
By Tim Middleton Oct. 16, 2022

Robin Hood and parenthood

These are all “hoods” that we will salute and respect.
By Tim Middleton Oct. 9, 2022

Parenting by degree

When will I see you again? When will our hearts beat together?
By Tim Middleton Sep. 25, 2022