Divine insight: Mystery of expectation

Expectation is the birthing place for the miracles.
By Humphrey Mtandwa May. 19, 2024

Beyond the Bible pages

The written Word reveals Christ or at the back of the Scriptures is Jesus. Through Bible reading and studying, we should have an encounter with Jesus.
By Erasmus Makarimayi Feb. 10, 2024

Sunday Word: Expand and dominate

Reading and studying the word of God gives us knowledge thereby empowering us.
By Prosper Tingini Nov. 5, 2023

Divine Insights: Beyond temporary pleasures: Finding true joy in Christ

From the Bible, we deduce that joy is a mindset, a state of one's heart that brings contentment, confidence, as well as hope.
By Humphrey Mtandwa Sep. 24, 2023

Hebrew Scriptures: Body and soul: Indispensable partners for doing life's sacred work

Rather than imprisoning or corrupting the soul, the body is a God-given tool for doing sacred work in the world.
By My Jewish Learning Aug. 13, 2023

Transitioning from law to grace

Most Christians today aren’t aware that their “old-time religion” is polluted with many traditions that void the power of God’s Word.
By Doug Mamvura Mar. 12, 2023

Salvation in light of the Bible

I have quoted the three verses to give context to verse 30 that clearly states that Christ is salvation.
By Erasmus Makarimayi Mar. 4, 2023

Divine Insight: Mastering the spiritual realm

Spiritual principles don’t work just for Christians but also for those in the world because impact in the spirit produces success in the natural.
By Humphrey Mtandwa Feb. 5, 2023

Divine Insight: How to walk in dominion

These were areas God determined if man had dominion in them, he could live a fulfilled and blessed life.
By Humphrey Mtandwa Jan. 15, 2023