ZINECDA dissuades donor dependence

Government has since admitted failure to fund education, exposing its earlier free education pledge as a fallacy.
By Lorraine Muromo Jun. 13, 2024

Tough test for ZiG as schools open

Another parent from Harare, Yemurai Magarezano, said she could not pay the fees in ZiG because they were not pegged in that currency.
By Mirriam Mangwaya May. 2, 2024

Cimas brings joy to less privileged pupils

Cimas said this was their second time sponsoring pupils to attend ZITF.
By Evans Mathanda Apr. 28, 2024

Bullying tactics will not work

The approval granted to elite schools to conduct holiday lessons exposes government’s partiality.
By Newsday Apr. 16, 2024

Teachers call for job action over salaries

Fozeu urged the mass action to be escalated as the second term opens until the employer pays a living wage.
By Lorraine Muromo Mar. 19, 2024

Beam paralyses quality education: Teachers

He said government had a constitutional duty to progressively make education accessible and available by implementing reasonable legislative measures.
By Lorraine Muromo Mar. 5, 2024

Govt warns schools against privatising education

Primary and Secondary Education ministry spokesperson Taungana Ndoro said every school, including privately run schools, must charge ministry-approved fees only.
By Lorraine Muromo Feb. 19, 2024

Teachers shun Sizalendaba School citing poor working condition

Murapa-Moyo said the two classroom blocks accommodate four classes.
By Margaret Lubinda Feb. 8, 2024

Corrupt teachers face deregistration

The Bill is expected to be tabled in Parliament during the current session.
By Brent Shamu Dec. 4, 2023