The world needs peace to address hunger

These are critical to achieving the Sustainable Development Goal of ending hunger.
By Tapiwa Gomo Jul. 8, 2024

A wake up call for govt

The Unicef report reflects what is obtaining in the country with education being so commercialised that those at the lower end of the stratum get the short end of the stick.
By Newsday Jun. 20, 2024

Can Africa Mining Vision unlock Zim’s potential for sustainable development and governance?

This has resulted in unsustainable levels of illicit flows and corruption within the sector.
By Mbongeni Nhliziyo and Thubelihle Ncube Jun. 14, 2024

Overfishing menace at Lake Kariba

Fishermen appealed to the government to relax laws that only allow fishermen to fish in areas 20 metres deep and 3 kilometres from the shore considering the dwindling water level.
By Nunurai Jena May. 29, 2024

SADC PF Standing Committee meets over food security and sustainable agriculture

The challenges necessitate a comprehensive approach to building resilience that integrates various sectors.
By Moses Mugadza May. 19, 2024

Of currency risk, PPP infrastructural finance in Zim

Arguments and counter arguments have been presented regarding who among the three can be better positioned to manage currency risk.
By Justice Mundonde Apr. 26, 2024

Geo Pomona project charms UN

The UN representatives expressed hope that the Geo Pomona model can be replicated throughout Zimbabwe and beyond.
By Problem Masau Apr. 15, 2024

Bulawayo hailed for pioneering culture

Sports, Recreation, Arts and Culture deputy minister Emily Jesaya showered praise on Bulawayo City Council for its various measures of preserving culture.
By Innocent Magondo Mar. 23, 2024

Alarming African debt crisis (II)

The IMF quota system is primarily a function of an economy’s size and relative position in the world economy.
By Zvikomborero Sibanda Mar. 22, 2024