Why Java ‘Night of Wonders’ flopped

Java, who is known for flaunting his support for Zanu PF, was not reachable for comment.
By Brent Shamu May. 17, 2024

Passion Java’s ‘night of spectacles’ that never was

Zimbabwe’s healthcare facilities are facing a critical crisis, with shortages of staff, medicine, and equipment leaving many in desperate situations.
By Sindiso Dube May. 12, 2024

Java’s ‘Night of shame’

The event, which was expected to draw thousands of people, but only a few came, leaving the giant 60 000-seater stadium almost desolate.
By Sharon Buwerimwe May. 11, 2024

Passion Java turns to Zanu PF for ‘Night of Wonders’

The party’s secretary for transport in the area, Nico Hamadziripi confirmed to NewsDay that the party was mobilising its supporters to attend Java’s event.
By Problem Masau May. 9, 2024

Passion Java ‘slams’ Zim health care system…says Winky D’s truth hurts

Java said the Zimbabwean healthcare system is crippled, referencing Chitungwiza Hospital
By Sindiso Dube Apr. 21, 2024

ED sucked into Mutarisi, Java feud

The sentiments came after Java alleged that Mutarisi had staged a fire accident at his Nash Paints headquarters to commit insurance fraud.
By Sindiso Dube Nov. 5, 2023

Mutarisi confronts Java, Mudiwa Hood

Java also accused Mutarisi of “fighting power”, suggesting that the entrepreneur is opposed to the Zanu PF government.
By Kennedy Nyavaya Oct. 31, 2023

ED praise song expose Passion Java, Roki rift

Java is a Zanu PF and Mnangagwa loyalist, who uses music and his widely followed social media pages to campaign for Mnangagwa's Zanu PF.
By Sindiso Dube Aug. 27, 2023

SA actress presence in Zim raises eyebrows

Exactly three years down the lane, the South African star is seen dining and mingling with the very same people whom she accused of being behind human rights abuses in Zimbabwe.
By Moses Mugugunyeki and Sindiso Dube Aug. 13, 2023