Neville Mutsvangwa granted bail

His bail, by Judge justice Rodgers Manyangadze, came after two postponements of the hearing.
By Desmond Chingarande May. 31, 2024

Judge recuses herself from Mutsvangwa bail case

Muremba said she is doing that for personal reasons.
By Desmond Chingarande May. 27, 2024

Mutsvangwa’s bail ruling deferred to Monday

His lawyer Josephine Sande submitted before High Court judge Justice Esther Maremba on Thursday that Neville was a proper candidate for bail.
By Desmond Chingarande May. 23, 2024

Neville Mutsvangwa denied bail

Neville, who was arrested last week together with Elias Majachani and Simbarashe Tichingana, pleaded not guilty to charges of dealing in foreign currency
By Rejoice Phiri May. 14, 2024

Corruption Watch: Neville Mutsvangwa arrest: The theories are rolling

The 44-year-old Neville is seeing fire as we speak. It seems the authorities have remembered to be serious about people who run against the law by doing forex trading
By Tawanda Majoni May. 12, 2024

Letter to my people: Neville Mutsvangwa’s arrest won’t save the ZiG

To those who think the arrest of Neville means that there are no more sacred cows in the crackdown on forex trading on the parallel market will be sadly mistaken.
By Doctor Stop It May. 12, 2024

‘Mutsvangwa's son arrested movie-style’

Neville was picked up on Wednesday afternoon by detectives from the Criminal Investigation Department’s Commercial Crimes Division.
By Rejoice Phiri May. 11, 2024

Mutsvangwa’s son spends day 2 in prison

However his mother, Monica, has purportedly charged that her son was innocent and a victim of underhand politics.
By Priviledge Gumbodete May. 10, 2024

Chamisa suffers double blow

Nine other constituencies will, however, still be contested because they have more than three contesting parties.
By Silas Nkala and Desmond Chingarande Jul. 28, 2023