Recognition of civil partnerships stirs controver

CAROLINE (21) gazes at her toddler and recollects how the monotony of the coronavirus lockdown led her into a controversial love affair.
By Global Press Journal Feb. 10, 2023

Constitution, customary law conflict a minefield: Makarau

“At times, culture and the Constitution are in open conflict, making the traditional leader sit in between the two stools most uncomfortably.” Justice Rita Makarau
By Tell Zim Jan. 19, 2023

Rights group flags spike in human trafficking

Sally Ncube said women were being exposed to human trafficking because of the harsh economic climate in the country.
By Sharon Buwerimwe and Lorraine Muromo Dec. 17, 2022

Marriages Act (Chapter 5:15): Morally inclusive and culturally sensitive

These are the fundamental pillars of the structural morality of a society.
By Gaylord Munemo Sep. 9, 2022

Understanding meaning of civil partnership in new Marriages Act

This article deals with civil partnerships as introduced in the new Act.
By Alex Majachani Sep. 4, 2022

Everything you need to know about the new Marriages Act

The minimum age of marriage is 18 years.
By Fadzayi Mahere Sep. 2, 2022

New marriage law promotes adultery: Lawyers

The new Act, which introduced a civil partnership and a qualified civil marriage, also recognises an unregistered customary law union as a marriage.
By Methembe Sibanda and Vanessa Gonye Sep. 1, 2022

New Marriages Act: What you need to know

The new law shall come into operation on a date to be fixed by the President by notice in the Government Gazette.
By Fadzayi Mahere Sep. 1, 2022