Zinwa disconnects Beitbridge

The council pays at least ZiG20 000 per week but Zinwa feels it is too small a fraction of what is owed.
By Rex Mphisa May. 29, 2024

Beitbridge Municipality overhauls weak fire department

Town Clerk Loud Ramakgapola said the department would now run on three teams, two active shifts and another on standby while training of the entire team is imminent.
By Rex Mphisa Feb. 14, 2024

Beitbridge offers land for police bases

Town Clerk Loud Ramakgapola said this was part of the municipality’s contribution towards fighting crime in the border town.
By Rex Mphisa Dec. 25, 2023

Water leakages haunt Beitbridge municipality

Town clerk Loud Ramakgapola told Southern Eye that the local authority was losing up to 40% of treated water to leakages.
By Nizbert Moyo Dec. 6, 2023

Unsung hero brings water, sewer to community

Married to Sukuoluhle Moyo, Ncube has two children and has no ambition to join politics despite having been approached several times by different organisations.
By Rex Mphisa Oct. 7, 2023

Beitbridge councillors in walkout

The councillors called for the expulsion of all non-performing officials.
By Rex Mphisa Oct. 5, 2022