Civic engagements beyond elections

The Kenyan protests offer valuable lessons in youth engagement and the power of social media.
By Munyaradzi Mapfumo Jul. 19, 2024

Implications of seed retention on ecosystems (I)

From an ESG perspective, seed retention is crucial for small holder African farmers for several reasons:
By Gloria Ndoro-mkombachoto Jul. 19, 2024

Kenya coach frets over Warriors stars

Zimbabwe recently lost their World Cup qualifying matches against Lesotho and South Africa, yet Firat is impressed by the quality that they have all over the field.
By Fortune Mbele Jul. 10, 2024

Joining hands for a vibrant debt justice movement

We can empower ourselves to make a difference by recognising our shared responsibility.
By Zvikomborero Sibanda Jun. 28, 2024

ATIDI in fresh call for member States to honour obligations 

Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, ATIDI provides trade credit and political risk insurance to companies, investors and lenders interested in doing business in Africa. 
By Ndamu Sandu Jun. 27, 2024

Kenya's president withdraws tax plan after deadly protest

"I concede," he said, adding that he will not sign the bill into law.
By Bbc News Jun. 26, 2024

One person killed, over 200 injured in Kenya anti-tax demonstrations

The presence of spent cartridges implied the use of live rounds, they said, adding that more than 100 protesters had been arrested across Kenya.
By Reuters Jun. 21, 2024

AfDB meetings underscore need for human capital development

AfDB’s human capital and skills development director Martha Phiri said the social transformation of Africa was at the centre of the bank’s programming this year.
By Melody Chikono Jun. 6, 2024

AfDB seeks mutual ties with World Bank

This comes as it is simplifying its business processes, and further collaborating with other multilateral development banks (MDBs) to promote mutual reliance.
By Melody Chikono Jun. 3, 2024