Supporting mental health during major life changes for youth

Educators must also be trained to recognise the signs of struggling students and connect them with the appropriate resources.
By Amh Voices Jul. 14, 2024

Food standards board welcome

The appointment of the board comes amid a rise in counterfeit products, raising health fears in the country.
By Newsday Jul. 13, 2024

Beware of surge in COVID-19 cases, WHO warns

The government, however, allayed fears that the flu outbreak is linked to COVID-19 insisting that it is an ordinary strain associated with the cold weather.
By Vanessa Gonye Jul. 12, 2024

WHO Zim chief urges vaccine uptake in cholera fight

Zimbabwe launched the cholera vaccination campaign in January this year with a target to  vaccinate 2,3 million people.
By Vanessa Gonye Jul. 11, 2024

Malnutrition creeps into urban areas

Health and Child Care ministry Mutare district nutritionist Bridget Buzuzi said there were programmes underway to curb malnutrition.
By Clayton Masekesa Jul. 8, 2024

Crucial role of eye health in children’s development

Promoting a parent/ child centred approach in the provision of eyecare services will increase the uptake of services and demystify misconceptions.
By Deborah Tigere Jul. 5, 2024

‘ZWG has brought stability to medical aid contributions’

AHFoZ member societies are now able to plan realistic benefit packages for their members who are on local currency packages.
By Vanessa Gonye Jul. 3, 2024

Zim makes progress in Aids, malaria fight

Turning to the drought situation, Muswere said grain distribution, under the Food Deficit Mitigation Strategy and Urban Transfer Programme, increased from June 20.
By Priviledge Gumbodete Jul. 3, 2024

Zimshec applauds Gwanda varsity move

GSU has signed a deal to collaborate with YMF to establish a model gold mine for students from different institutions to engage in mining actvities.
By Rex Mphisa Jul. 2, 2024