Currency volatility impacted 2023 elections: Report

It said that some service providers declined to provide services where there was no advance payment resulting in delayed deployment of election material.
By Harriet Chikandiwa Apr. 10, 2024

‘Violence deters youths from politics’

An estimated 1,5 million youths reportedly voted their votes in the August 23 and 24 harmonised elections
By Brent Shamu Jan. 22, 2024

Letters: Govt must correct electoral malpractices

Zec should comprehensively audit the voters rolls, proactively disclose all information on voter registration and provide stakeholders with meaningful and timely access to the final voters rolls.
By Amh Voices Dec. 4, 2023

Nagging poll disputes cause for concern

As much as Mnangagwa and his ruling Zanu PF party may want to haughtily dismiss the political rumblings as a passing fad, they, however, have far-reaching implications.
By Newsday Sep. 4, 2023

Role of domestic observers in polls

Safeguarding the electoral process is an act of patriotism and demonstrates a commitment to democracy not only in Zimbabwe but in many countries that hold elections.

ZEC cornered over ballot paper printing

This follows an application by the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change seeking an order to compel ZEC to disclose details relating to the printing.
By Staff Reporter Aug. 17, 2023

‘Parties must respect media practitioners’

ZMC procured Press jackets for media practitioners for their safety while covering next week’s harmonised elections.
By Gracious Daniel Aug. 17, 2023

‘Aug 23 polls already tainted’

The elections have been characterised by higher levels of closed space, tilted playing field, and disbarment and exclusion of opponents.
By Harriet Chikandiwa Aug. 14, 2023

Village Rhapsody: Bussing supporters and vote buying ahead of August 23

Bussing supporters to attend rallies is a common practice used by political parties and other organisations to increase the visibility of their events.
By Evans Mathanda Aug. 13, 2023