Anglican Diocese of Manicaland revels in 2023

In February this year, Ruwona was acquitted of trumped up charges where he was accused of intimidating a witness who had reported him for corruption.
By Kenneth Nyangani Dec. 24, 2023

ACZ resumes social gatherings

 (ACZ) chairperson and Anglican Diocese of Manicaland Bishop Eric Ruwona said the social soccer event was meant to strengthen the bond among church leaders.
By Kenneth Nyangani Dec. 2, 2023

Church prays against road accidents

Anglican Diocese of Manicaland Bishop Eric Ruwona  said explained that accidents occurring on most parts of the highways were spiritually caused.
By Kenneth Nyangani Nov. 18, 2023

Anglican church flaunts education, health feat

Ruwona applauded founding retired Bishop Elijah Masuku and Sebastian Bakare for laying the foundation of the diocese.
By Kenneth Nyangani Sep. 26, 2023

We are ready to mediate between political parties: ACZ

Ruwona made the remarks in his welcoming remarks at the Bernard Mizeki annual pilgrimage in Marondera recently.
By Kenneth Nyangani Jun. 29, 2023

Bernard Mizeki pilgrimage roars to life

Anglican Council of Zimbabwe (ACZ) chairperson and Anglican Diocese of Manicaland Bishop Eric Ruwona yesterday said they were ready for the commemorations.
By Kenneth Nyangani Jun. 16, 2023

Ruwona happy to be in unity with new dean

Ruwona made the remarks at the installation of the dean of the Anglican Diocese of Manicaland and rector of St Johns Cathedral Reverand, Fortune Kuzinya in Mutare on Saturday.
By Kenneth Nyangani May. 14, 2023

Anglican Diocese of Manicaland brace for the Easter Holiday

The preparations will start with Palm Sunday which is the Sunday before Easter that begins the Holy week which is celebrated annually by the church.
By Kenneth Nyangani Mar. 30, 2023

Anglican Bishop acquitted

The complainant in the matter was Arnold Makamba, a headmaster at St Faith High School in Rusape.
By Kenneth Nyangani Feb. 24, 2023