Where had I made the wrong turn?

He sold home-made floor polish. His voice was always pitched high shouting, “Cobra!
By Onie Ndoro Apr. 23, 2023

Snakebites: Seek urgent medical attention if bitten

Common signs of snakebite include the presence of two puncture wounds from the reptile’s fangs and swelling and redness around them.
By Cimas Feb. 24, 2023

Rabbit farmers fail to satisfy Botswana market

In Botswana, rabbit meat sells for between P65 and P75 or US$4,87 to US$5,62 per kilogramme.
By Tatira Zwinoira Oct. 3, 2022

Guitar virtuoso earns Mutambi popularity

The Featherstone-born musician, who is now based in Beatrice, grew up admiring sungura greats.
By Admire Jamu-mlambo Sep. 18, 2022