Chamuka applauds Zimbabwe's new Gold-Backed Currency

Although the PUP leader commended the government's action, Chamuka also acknowledged that not all opposition parties shared the same view.
By Newsday Apr. 2, 2024

PUP leader requests meeting with ED to discuss national development

PUP's request highlights a potential shift in the political landscape of Zimbabwe, with a growing focus on cooperation over division.
By Staff Reporter Feb. 10, 2024

PUP leader warns of doomed future as Zanu-PF secures Two-Thirds majority

Talking to this publication from his South African base, he warned that the two-thirds majority grants Zanu-PF  unchecked legislative power.
By Newsday Feb. 4, 2024

ZEC thwarts Chamuka's effort to bring back IPD

"Plans to bring back IPD were a result of pressure from my supporters," he said.
By Staff Reporter May. 27, 2023

Pressure mounts on PUP Leader Chamuka to bring back IPD

Chamuka formed PUP following the disbandment of IPD.
By Staff Reporter Apr. 17, 2023

ZBC won’t air hostile messages, minister tells opposition

Paradza said: “It is not true that the opposition is not allowed to campaign on national broadcaster (ZTV), the problem is their packaging.
By Problem Masau and Tapfumanei Muchabaiwa Nov. 11, 2022

We will stop minerals plunder, says Chamuka

He said this in an interview from his South Africa base on Tuesday.
By Zimind Oct. 2, 2022

'We will stop minerals plunder' – Chamuka

He said this in an interview from his South Africa base on Tuesday.
By Newsday Sep. 30, 2022

ZANU PF has unleashed a reign of terror – opposition leader claims.

He said this in an interview from his Johannesburg base.
By The Standard Sep. 24, 2022