Cancer patient seeks assistance

Bharbra Matarutse (44) who is being looked after by her six-year-old daughter told NewsDay that she needs in excess of US$300 for urgent medical attention.
By Staff Reporter Apr. 30, 2024

Gurure uses photography to fight breast cancer

Gurure is using her social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram to raise awareness.
By Sharon Zebra Oct. 18, 2023

Male breast cancer: The untold story

Heavy consumption of alcohol increases the risk of cancers.
By Michelle Madzudzo Oct. 13, 2023

Health talk: Breast cancer hitting hard

There are available treatments for breast cancer but depending on the stage. Some of the following treatment modalities are under use today:
By Johannes Marisa Nov. 6, 2022

Shot in the arm for cancer patients

Maunganidze said there was stigma and fear associated with cancer.
By Vanessa Gonye Nov. 2, 2022

Men urged to test for breast cancer

Men must also be wary of breast cancer and get checked regularly.
By Sharon Buwerimwe Oct. 26, 2022

Cancer foundation targets flea markets, salons

The foundation wanted to save the lives of as many women as possible through awareness campaigns, and advocating for accessible and affordable facilities for free cancer screening and treatment.
By Zanele Ndlovu Oct. 26, 2022

Breast cancer: A scourge we must fight every day

Breast cancer awareness should be a national mindset with every relevant health institution and authorities focused on this important issue on a daily basis.
By Unique Zimuto Oct. 20, 2022

Male breast cancer,the untold story in Zimbabwe

When men are diagnosed  with breast cancer, in a very odd way their masculinity and sexuality is questioned or challenged in a way.
By Michelle C Madzudzo Oct. 11, 2022