Your car your personality

It goes on to describe a person as an embodiment of a collection of qualities: You have also heard people say he is a curious person.

ACCORDING to the dictionary, personality is the visible aspect of one’s character as it impresses others:  You have heard people say he has a pleasing personality.

It goes on to describe a person as an embodiment of a collection of qualities: You have also heard people say he is a curious person.

If you delve into psychology, personality is the sum total of the physical, mental, emotional, and social characteristics of an individual.

It is the organised pattern of behavioural characteristics of the individual.

It is the quality of being a person; existence as a self-conscious human being; personal identity.

You have also heard people say he has a personality identity crisis.

Can personality be translated to the cars you drive?

Cars have always been more than just simple transportation for Zimbos.

They are an extension of our true selves and our lifestyle. What a man or woman prefers to drive says more about them than any psychological test might say about them.

I prefer to call a car a mobile mirror to ones soul.

I am very cognisant of the fact that at times cars are dumped on us by our employers. We do not get to choose the type of car we want.

Pick-up truck

It is for individuals who believe in back to basics as their style. You know one day you might have to visit kumusha. You are in touch with your roots. You are prepared for funerals and weddings. You are hands on.

You are a handyman – or woman – who does not mind getting your hands dirty. Individuals who drive trucks tend to be conservative as well.

VW Bug This 60/70s hit brand is for those who enjoy a healthy diet of bottled water and organic produce.

Most of them are healthy conscious. If you ask me, they have to watch what they eat because there is no space in that little car.

They do not believe in putting greasy fast food or sugary junk food into their body.

They are comfortable in close quarters and often dream of living on a commune like the ones hippies had back in the sixties.

Now you know why there were no fat hippies back then.

Sedan These owners of sedans like to “Keep it simple”. They lead simple lifestyles.

It is how they conduct their life, on the road, at home and in the office.

If they order pizza, it is probably going to be cheese – no froufrou pineapple or toppings from “Exoticaland” for them.


Four words: Born to be wild!


They love the outdoors and do not mind sharing their passion and appearance with the world. They have few secrets and nothing to be ashamed of.

I am one of those people who have always wondered how it feels to drive a convertible. I think it invites unnecessary attention but I could do with some attention, especially on Sundays.

Taking that lazy drive on the highway or that speed spray along Borrowdale Road would be fabulous.

Minivan/station wagon Owners of minivans are bighearted and have plenty of room for everyone’s baggage, emotional and otherwise.

They love kids and they do not mind a little clutter. Please do not include kombis in this category

SUVs Zimbos, who can afford more than two cars, are most likely to have one SUV in their yard.

They are associated with go-getters.

They are for those who set goals and do not let anything stand in the way of achieving it as quickly as possible.

Obstacles are only challenges to be overcome and whatever does not kill them only makes them stronger.

They demand control or will take it when available.  They look for opportunity to be ‘in charge’.

They will get things done. They frame life as a sequence of “I did this”.

They are straight to the point and look for the bottom line.  They dislike complexity or ambiguity. They can be judged to be arrogant and standoffish.

Female versions behave like Alpha males.

Now you know why your wife loves that Range in your garage and half of the times she orders you around and you find yourself saying, urikuda kuzviita baba vepano pamba (you want to be the father of the house).

It also explains why most senior managers demand SUVs from their employers.

Not only do they flatten fellow employees on their way up the corporate ladder but their mean machines flatten roads in a big way.

Once in a while they will visit the sadza places for lunches with friends but they will wine and dine in expensive places as well.

Classic antique This is for those who appreciate a time when life was slower and simpler.

They prefer chocolate malts to single malt scotch and pony tail on women, not men. They rather watch Bogart than Brad Pitt. They appreciate the good things in life.

Sports car

This is for the adventurous. Adrenaline drives them where they want to go. They value efficient, high-tech engineering and the risks that comes with pushing the limits. Whilst this car is for the young, it can be for the young at heart. Some grand fathers proudly own such cars for they make them feel young.

It makes them keep in touch with the finer things of their youth.

Whilst this might not be accurate all the way, I am sure it can help you identify your personality through your car.