Mihlali: An online aggressor or victim?

Ndamase (28) is a prominent figure on social media, revered as an Instagram star, makeup artist, and YouTube content creator.

SOUTH AFRICAN influencer Mihlali Ndamase has been accused of “dating” Zimbabwean tycoons Pedzai Scott Sakupwanya and lately Wicknell Chivayo, something that all parties have refuted.

Ndamase (28) is a prominent figure on social media, revered as an Instagram star, makeup artist, and YouTube content creator.

Her audience size on Instagram is 2,2 million followers and she is ranked among the top 20 South African YouTubers.

Famed for her engaging content on social media, Ndamase has also been a victim of online abuse if the rumours about her romantic escapades with Zimbabwean tycoons are anything to go by.

Social media users quickly started speculating about the South African media personality and Chivayo’s relationship after both visited Miami in the United States in recent weeks.

Both dispelled rumours suggesting they were dating, with Chivayo taking to his official Instagram account to clarify the issue.

“This utterly absurd rumour is therefore nothing more than a BASELESS FALSEHOOD originated by some attention seeking blogger known as @The Instigator on X whose feelings and ego were tormented when I posted my latest purchase of a 2024 Rolls Royce Spectre on social media,” wrote Chivayo.

“He found an opportunity to find relevance by fabricating a pathetic story out of desperation for online attention.”

Ndamase thanked Chivayo for clarifying the issue.

Meanwhile, whispers of a new romance swirled around Mabvuku-Tafara MP and gold dealer Pedzai Scott Sakupwanya and Ndamase last December, sending social media into overdrive.

The speculation arose after Ndamase’s highly publicised split from businessman Leeroy Sidambe.

However, Sakupwanya swiftly dismissed the rumours, denying any romantic involvement with Ndamase in an interview with a South African blogger.

He clarified that his focus remained solely on his business ventures and family.

Ndamase is no stranger to being linked to high-profile celebrities. In the past, her name was mentioned alongside Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton.

After attending the Singapore Grand Prix and witnessing Hamilton's victory, she playfully posted on X about the race and the driver, sparking speculation of a blossoming romance.

However, she later clarified that it was simply light-hearted amusement, and they were not an item.

The popular beautician’s alleged dating history also includes a DJ and producer and a member of the popular South African duo Major League DJz.

Her relationship with Sidambe was documented in the public eye through social media platforms before their breakup.

While the truth behind her links with Sakupwanya and Chivayo remains under wraps, the mere whisper of their potential union has ignited the flames of social media.

The question remains… Is Ndamase an aggressor or a victim?


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