Being myself sets me apart from other models: Amanda Ziyambi Mpofu

A mental health practitioner, Mpofu told Standard Style that she finds it difficult to pretend to be something she is not.

Second princess at last year’s Miss Universe Zimbabwe Amanda Ziyambi Mpofu says her personality sets her apart from other models.

A mental health practitioner, Mpofu told Standard Style that she finds it difficult to pretend to be something she is not.

“I am always reserved, observant and very humble,” she said.

“I think my effortless ability to just smile and spread love even when I am at my worst is what also sets me apart and intellectually I am a very fast thinker, quick to analyse situations and cook up plausible responses.”

Mpofu’s inspiration for modelling came from seeing tall, slim girls like her commanding attention.

Her role model is 2010 Miss World, Emma, to find her confidence and represent her country on an international stage.

"The foundation was laid by the various strangers I met in the streets. They always fuss about my physical appearance, height, body structure and my facial features. There's hardly a time I went out of the house (even now) and didn't encounter a stranger who advised me to navigate the modelling path,”

"Miss World 2010 really ignited the fire. I remember watching then Miss Botswana, Emma in a yellow dress strutting on the stage with so much confidence and poise. That is the day I told myself that one day I am going to  be exactly like her, finding my confidence to stand before crowds, representing my country at an international stage and leaving an indelible mark behind” she said.

Mpofu's personal style is simple, neat, presentable, and comfortable. She doesn't follow any particular fashion brands or labels. She likes to be taken seriously from her outfits and looks for elegance and modesty.

"As long as it fits me and I can pull out an amazing outfit for the day, then I am good to go but I can say that dresses are my favourite clothing item. In all honesty, I like being taken seriously from my outfits. l am always looking elegant but modest and decent  ,"she said.

Mpofu has good genes and doesn't gain weight easily. She has never been to the gym or followed a diet.

"I can eat fries as much as I like and it won't be evident. I've never been to the gym before or followed any sort of diet. But I think I will try the gym just to stay fit someday," she said.

Mpofu’s journey has been full of downs and ups, but she has been resilient and pushed to make her dreams come true. She ignores critics and focuses on constructive criticism.

Outside of her profession, Mpofu is passionate about working with the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services to help incarcerated pregnant and nursing mothers.

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