Devotion C sings about hope for the future

Chishumba explained that the title was inspired by a vision during prayer.

Devotional gospel artiste Matthew Chishumba, known as Devotion C in music circles has released a single titled Zimbabwe whose lyrics reflect on the hope for the nation’s prosperity and unity.

Chishumba explained that the title was inspired by a vision during prayer.

“I was shown the great nation of Zimbabwe and saw God making it rise and shine,” he said.

He described a divine connection to scripture, mentioning Isaiah and 2 Kings 7:1-2.

“As I was singing, I was being shown these passages,” he said.

“I believe it’s a prophetic message.

“God strategically placed everything in Zimbabwe, and I know He will fulfill it.”

Chishumba envisions development, unity, victory and prosperity for Zimbabwe, reflecting the hardworking and skilled nature of its people.

He emphasised the importance of unity, referencing biblical examples of its power.

His musical journey began in 2011 with Starbrite Zimbabwe.

The musician has since achieved recognition, including nominations in South Africa and Zimbabwe, chart-topping singles, and participation in prestigious events.

Devotion C, meaning “Divine encounter vocalist ordained to impacting nations for Christ,” has released other well-received songs like Nhliziyo Yami, Stimela Sezulu and Fear Not, among others.

Beyond music, he contributes to his community through organisations like Coach Emmah Incorporation and Father to Son.

He addresses social issues like mental health and serves as an events director and conducts music workshops.

With Zimbabwe, Chishumba hopes to ignite a spark within the nation, encouraging it to rise and shine.

He concludes with the message: “God bless Zimbabwe”.

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