Patience pays off for sungura outfit

Sirimau and his Golden Kings outfit took to perfect it.

For unheralded sungura musician Ishumael Sirimau, patience is a virtue.

Sirimau waited for six years to release his debut project, a six-track album titled Chipo Changu.

The album was launched at the home of entertainment, Club Joy Centre (PaFio) in May and it’s worth the time the Sirimau and his Golden Kings outfit took to perfect it.

Nine years ago Sirimau, a talented vocalist and lead guitarist, formed his band alongside Christopher Chiota (band manager), Blessing Katama (bassist), Phineus Mabheka (rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist), Tapiwa Chakwakuka (drummer) and Martin Chimbende (chanter).

After years of engagement and perfecting their act, the Golden Kings realised their first album, thanks to Dendera musician Sulumani Chimbetu who had referred them to John Muroyi.

“I met Sulumani Chimbetu at the Tobacco Sales Floor where I worked last year and as someone who was already in the band and looking for an opportunity I presented myself and asked for his number,” said Chiota.

 “I began speaking to him from time to time telling him about the band and this year in April, the legend called me and referred me to John Muroyi from Wizpro who produced the album for us,” he said.

Sirimau said they were inspired to form the band by the likes of sungura masters such as Nicholas Zachariah, Mark Ngwazi, and Chimbetu.

“We had always seen and admired great hits and performances from the likes of Madzibaba Zachariah, Mark Ngwazi, Chimbetu and we thought well, why can’t my friends and I have our own band and do the same,” Sirimau said.

“Although it took us quite some time to decide, however we are glad that we made the decision as we have finally managed to get our very first album out there.

“I had dreamt of some of the songs that make up this album and it took us nearly four months to prepare them such that by the time Sulu contacted us we were now in search of a studio to record the songs since we had a ready-made product. I can safely say meeting Sulu was God’s plan.”

The track Gogogoi is a hit and doing well on local radio stations.

Sirimau said they were looking at doing live shows to promote the album across the country.


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