Manyowa to release new album after two years

Gospel singer Janet Manyowa

AFTER the success of Wanqoba which was launched in Bulawayo two years ago , award winning Janet Manyowa is set to release her new album — Father’s House on July 22.

The launch was initially slated for July 8 but was rescheduled to July 22 at the 7 Arts Theatre in Avondale.

Manyowa told Standard Style they had been putting in work to come up with a great launch .

 “A lot of work went into Father’s House. It’s been a lot of hard work and I was blessed with a dedicated team that went above and beyond to make Father’s House happen. Now here we are just days away from sharing Father’s House with everyone and we are excited about it,” she said.

“The album has taken two years of preparation. We took a year preparing songs and all before the recording and it has taken a year post recording. So it has been a long road. I’m glad we are finally getting the product out,” added Manyowa.

Manyowa said the album is about being in the presence of God.

“The album is an invitation for all who listen to strengthen their relationship with their maker. It is based on the scripture,”  she said.

“Better is one day in the house of the Lord than a thousand elsewhere.

“While making the album my focus was on hope, love, peace and joy that found in the Father’s House.

“It is about letting people know that they have a safe haven in their father’s house.”

Speaking about her collaborations, the gospel diva said that it was always a blessing for her to sing with others.

“It’s always a blessing to sing with others, especially for me with legends who have done music way before I was born,” she said.

“Having Albert Nyathi and Pastor Bonnie on the album brings a certain flair that I could have not brought just by myself.

“They each bring a unique element that carries hope and inspiration to anyone who listens.”

Nyathi said being part of the album feels like a massive explosion of greatness.

“When I got on stage in Bulawayo during the live recording at the Wanqoba concert and people heard my voice, I felt some form of vocal explosion from the crowd,” he said.

“There was a huge simultaneous vocal explosion happening and people loved it.

“After my bit of the poetry I tried to teach Janet some dance moves but I felt that she was ahead of me, she outclassed me. I really enjoyed it.

“We also performed at the Celebration Church which was yet another explosion, and the aftermath of these live recordings were people suggesting that I should do gospel poetry which I am still considering.”


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