Gobvu’s rocky journey in music industry

Gobvu dropped his latest single, Daddy Issues, which narrates a child’s complaints to their non-providing father.

JUST like in any other industry or line of business in Zimbabwe, showbiz is heavily characterised by stiff competition leading to many up-coming artistes giving up on their dreams.

Artistes such as dancehall chanter Enzo Ishal, ExQ and Asaph have at some point considered quitting music due to several reasons.

For the Kanjiva hitmaker, his shocking claims about quitting music came out in an interview in which he narrated that away from the limelight, he was suffering and the public did not understand because they knew him for delivering good music only.

Ex Q also mentioned in an interview that after he dropped his hit Allelujah, he almost quit music due to the challenges he faced in the industry, particularly being wrongly judged.

Similarly, Brandon Gobvu's path in the industry is no exception. The rising Zim Hip Hop artiste has faced several challenges trying to penetrate the music industry.

He told Standard Style that he started taking his music career seriously when he was doing lower sixth and since then, the challenges keep multiplying. But he is focused on growing his brand and has remained optimistic.

Gobvu said one of the biggest challenges that he faced trying to get recognised in the industry was failure to get airplay.

“The local music industry is extremely hard to penetrate or to get known regardless of how good your craft is. I have had challenges with getting my music played on radio or to get interviews because I was asked to pay something in return,” he said.

Gobvu also revealed that working with prominent music producers in the industry has also been quite challenging because they always have certain standards that they are used to and for rising artistes it is a challenge to follow them.

“When I decided to take my craft seriously, I went to No Limits records to record a song. The process was a bit challenging because these people are used to working with big names and you have to prove a point that you know what you are doing,” explained Gobvu.

“It was really tough also in the early days because at that time I had not found my voice. However, one thing for sure is that I have discovered my comfort zone. I find it easier to sing on Hip Hop beats but I have recently started trying out afro-beats as a way to diversify,” he said.

Despite his career being marred by multiple challenges, Gobvu insisted that he has been able to fight through the hard times.

“All these hardships are actually lessons to me. I have been able to strive through and to continue working on my craft with the help of friends and my family. My late mother gave me her blessings to pursue music and my father supports me too although he is not much of a fan of the genre,” he noted.

Recently, Gobvu dropped his latest single, Daddy Issues, which narrates a child’s complaints to their non-providing father.

The message in the song is what has attracted a good number of people to follow Gobvu.

The song talks mostly about the ill-behaviour posed by many men in society who fail to provide and be there for their families.

His other song, Look at my flex has already surpassed 2000 views on YouTube making it his first to reach a wider audience.

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