Training of pool minders critical in saving lives

Every year we lose precious lives in and around swimming pools due to negligence and accidents that could be prevented.

In a bid to prevent loss of lives and injuries in pools and surrounding areas, a Harare-based firm  - The Pool Man - shares safety precautions that should be followed to prevent danger from happening.

Pritchard Mauya, the company's chief operating officer told Standard Style shared some tips to be followed.

"Hire a professional pool minder, who will be trained to deal with any situation," Mauya said. 

''The minder should  be able to swim, in case there is a drowning incident and also knowledge of basic first aid."

He said if the pool is not being used, always put a net, to prevent children or people from swimming unauthorised.  

"And to prevent people from going to swim alone and unsupervised," Mauya added. 

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