Nadia Nakai hails Kikky Badass

File pic: Kikky Badass

SOUTH African rapper Nadia Nakai has praised her local counterpart Kikky Badass whom she described as ‘hot’ and better than a lot of male rappers.

Bragga, as she is affectionately known, made the remarks in an interview on the Episode podcast last week.

She further mentioned some of the Zimbabwean artistes that she admires, among them Nutty O, Jah Prayzah, Winky D, Takura, Gemma Griffiths, whom she worked with in her upcoming album, and Queen Vee.

Last year there was an uproar on social media after the rapper, whose roots trace back to Zimbabwe, dissociated herself from the country and opted to be nominated as a South African.

The BET Hip Hop Awards recognised her as Zimbabwean even though she once described herself as a South African on Young, Famous and African, earlier last year.

 “Kikky is killing it, is representing Zimbabwe in Shona and if there is someone who has the right to represent that country at the BET awards, it has to be Kikky, not me,” she said.

“People got offended when I got nominated for the BET awards, I was supposed to be nominated representing South Africa but they put Zimbabwe instead and the reason why I changed it so profusely was because I cannot represent Zimbabwe when Kikky is there.”

Nakai further complimented Kikky Badass.

“I was born and I function in South Africa, I resonate with my Zimbabwean heritage, but I cannot take that away from someone like Kikky as I am not as active as she is in Zimbabwe,” she said.

“Kikky takes herself very seriously and she keeps her image clean, her sound is so amazing and has this hard- Lil Kim sound and she is doing it better than the guys.

“I think she really has that potential to get that medal on her shelf as a BET nominee or winner representing Zimbabwe and she deserves it more than I ever could.”

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