We are not in competition with Winky D: Chipaz


SEASONED promoter Chipaz says the December 31 Seh Calaz album launch, which he is organising is not meant to compete with Winky D’s on the same night.

Seh Calaz is launching his album titled Reggae Dzinorira at the City Sports Centre while Winky D is unveiling his album at the Harare International Conference Centre (HICC) on the same night.

At City Sports Centre, in Zimdancehall fashion, Seh Calaz will be joined by a lot of supporting acts such as Daza D, Silent Killer, Kinnah, Bazooka, Blot, Guspy Warrior, Uncle Epatan, Doba Don and many others.

Fans will part ways with only US$5 for the Reggae Dzinorira experience.

Winky D will be joined by Enzo Ishal, Holy Ten, Saintfloew and Tocky Vibes. Gateway Streams- the promoters of the show announced that the US$15 early bird tickets were sold out and now fans have to do with the US$20 tickets for general access and US$40 for VIP.

There is also a special on tickets and accommodation which is being offered by Rainbow hotel and the New Ambassador Hotel.

Speaking to Standard Style on Friday, Chipaz said the two gigs should not be put up for competition, but seen as complementing each other.

"This is not about competition but complementing each other, It's all dancehall but the two gigs attract different fans according to their budgets. There are people who can't afford to pay $20 for Winky D's show. That's the market we are targeting for City Sports Centre," he said.

"This is all about entertaining people and nothing to do with scoring points or competition."

Chipaz added that unity has kept dancehall going for so many years.

“Many think zimdancehall is not united but these shows should show you that we are united, we have managed to bring in a lot of artistes together and we shall keep doing that,” he said.

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