Jane the Ghost myth retold in film

Jane the Ghost

A FORMER teacher — Andisiwe Sibindi through FEM Studios Production has created a modification of the horror film Jane the ghost.

Jane the Ghost is a retell of a Bulawayo urban ghost myth passed from generation to generation.

Jane was believed to be a ghost who pretended to be a prostitute in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

The movie, written and directed by Sibindi, features Kimberley Jones as Jane and Chantel Tshuma as Selina among others.

“In our story Jane is raped and killed by a gang that calls itself the Terror 10 whilst her 12-year-old sister watches helplessly. The sister, however, takes action five years after Jane’s death.

She consults a sangoma who manipulates the spiritual realm and brings back Jane as a ghost to revenge her death,” said Sibindi.

Sibindi revealed that the portrayal of the ghost myth for entertainment is meant to raise funds for their full film- Igolide Lami.

 “Jane was inspired by several factors such as the popularity of the story for strategic entry into the industry and the need to create an audience base and perhaps lure other stakeholders into our movie project," he said.

"Gender-based violence is a sub theme as Jane is killed by a gang of men who take advantage of a female. She comes back to haunt her killers in spiritual form,” he said.

Sibindi said Jane was meant to be launched in August, but they had many glitches in their post-production.


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