Letter from America: Forget Tshabangu and Mutsvangwa! It is the economy, stupid!

Brother Chris is unrestrained, opinionated, does not keep his wisdom to himself (where he has some), disrespects elders when he feels that they are wrong

(This article is written in black English. We warn our readers to take a firm seat before continuing).

I was listening to Sapes dialogue on  February 2. Brother Brighton Matebuka said something which brought a revelation to me.

The revelation is that while Brother Sengezo Tshabangu is a very bad brother, and Chris Mutsvangwa is more worse, they are mere diversionary actors divorcing us from real issues at hand.

Sengezo aided and abetted by a compliant judiciary, conspired to steal the 100 parliamentary seats won by the CCC. Brother Chris defended this mother of all crimes, thus drawing himself into the circle of the irredeemable.

In typical Zanu-PF fashion, the theft was brazenly done. 

But here is where Brighton’s  idea needs expansion.

With such brains as they have, or lack thereof, Zanu-PF assumed that the CCC and Mukomana were enemies.

Hear me well, you sluggards. It is the economy. Stupid

It is true that Mukomana has charisma, and his deliveries are inspirational. He brings hope to the poor and the lost in the gate.

But here again, the sluggards miss the point. Mukomana’s charisma would weigh for nothing if it were not for the gross economic mismanagement that has driven unemployed youths in search of salvation.

The dunderheads in Zanu-PF, like somnambulists, walk in darkness, afraid of simple truths.

The economy is Zanu-PF’s worst enemy.

Unemployment has increased, and out migration (US English) has increased to five million. Almost every family in Zimbabwe now depends on diaspora remittances.

The justice system, like the health system, has collapsed. The police details stand by the roadside, waiting to see whom they can devour. Many Kombi passengers will have experienced the episode I describe below.

“How much is the fine?” The motorist asks.

“Well, US$15 and I have reduced it for you.” The police tells the Kombi driver.

“Alright. Here is the US$15.” The Kombi driver.

“I have no receipt book.” The policeman.

Zanu-PF thinks we are stupid.

Sengezo is a dirty diversion, birthed and raised by Lucifer himself. His tricks come from the master himself, Robert Mugabe. Murambatsvina (2005), which displaced 600 000 Zimbabweans was an attempt by Mugabe to hide his gross mismanagement of the economy.

The victims had done nothing wrong.

Now we leave Sengezo the baddest, never to return to that scoundrel again.

But there is another master of diversionary tactics on the scene, one by the name of Brother Chris Mutsvangwa, who, judging by past performances, is more bad than Sengezo.

The reason being that Chris has some brains.

He also is a lost star, struggling to find an anchor in a vast firmament of mismanagement.

The Sapes dialogue touched on many issues, and since the great minds engaged, spearheaded by Brother Professor Ibbo Mandaza were wiser and on the ground, I can only add a view from the outside.

For the reason given above, Chris is not only a distraction, but he is also more worse (black English) than Sengezo.

Chris’ behavior follows a Zanu-PF pattern, or modus operandi (the way they do things).

Brother Chris is unrestrained, opinionated, does not keep his wisdom to himself (where he has some), disrespects elders when he feels that they are wrong and, in the process, says many unforgettable bad words.

In a cabinet debate in 2016 Chris argued for a transition to solar heating for households, leaving the electric grids for industrial use. Walter Mzembi was on the other side of the argument. Six years later, Chris was still breathing fire. “Mzembi is the latest fallen politician, …who conveniently turns a blind eye and deaf ear to their sordid record of economic ignorance, financial illiteracy and propensity to theft of public funds.” (Zim Mail 12.07/2022)

In fact, Chris was correct. India and China are transitioning to solar power for domestic use.

But his support for solar power may have been born out of his desire (or his son Neville’s interest) in selling Chinese solar panels.

The genius of Zanu PF lies in the fact that such an insufferable character, like Chris, is given a long rope to act out, cut up and engage in all manner of foolishness.

On the 3rd of January, Chris said that Mukuru is the greatest president ever for Zimbabwe and that an economic miracle is there for everybody to see.

“The president and the party have notched up pleasing scores in farming and agro-processing. Well deserved kudos go to our tobacco, wheat, cotton, and blueberry farmers among many other winning contenders.”

Chris ended with these words. “All these achievements coalesce into a glowing scoreboard.” (Zim-Live)

His praises of Zimbabwe’s economic prowess are all Abracadabra as he himself now says after he was fired on the 3rd of February.

The reality is as follows. Foreign groups like USAID are planning to feed two million people in Masvingo province even as we speak.

 Chinese investments do not make a dent in employment because they lack security of tenure. In bringing Chinese workers,  production targets remain secret and escape scrutiny.

Remember the USD10 billion in tax revenue that went missing from Chiadzwa diamonds.

Further, the destruction of the value of the Zimbabwe dollar means that savings within  the law are impossible. Any bank deposits are risky.

Out migration has increased rather than declined. Estimates say five million Zimbabweans are in the diaspora. Further 70% of medical and technical staff (engineers) are also abroad.

As we go to press, my information is that some “11 high level operatives” have been picked up and placed in a lock up on suspicion of treason.

Whatever discontent there is has nothing to do with Chris, or the CCC or Chamisa.

It is the economy, stupid!

Zanu PF has concentrated its genius on the wrong horse. Chamisa is not Zanu-PF’s enemy.

Now that Brother Chris has been dismissed shamefully, he is singing a different song.

Though he has denied the X handle that goes by his name, the style and syntax are recognizably his.  He wishes Mukuru more than bad luck. He has said some very bad words about Mukuru’s female appointments which we cannot honor here.

His Waterloo is not very far ahead.

Everything he has are proceeds of robbery, not ordinary robbery but bloody, gruesome gory ghastly and grisly robberies.

All this is diversionary. The problem is the economy, stupid!

 *Ken Mufuka is a Zimbabwean patriot. He writes from the US

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