Letter from America: Ukraine left in the cold by US and its allies!

In March 2022,  Volodymyr Zelensky, who had been elected by Ukrainian people on a platform of accommodation with Russia came to an agreement that guaranteed some peace.

“We will support Ukraine to its last man and as long as it exists.” US president Joe Biden, March5, 2023.

In March 2022,  Volodymyr Zelensky, who had been elected by Ukrainian people on a platform of accommodation with Russia came to an agreement that guaranteed some peace.

The story would have ended the clown, Zelensky played a comedian on television in his previous life, had not entertained the wiles of two persons from the West.

British prime minister Boris Johnson visited Kiev and pressured him to cut up the agreement and spit into Russian leader’s face, Vladimir Putin.

In this treachery, Johnson was supported by the under-handed princess of the neo-cons (war mongers) in Washington, deputy secretary of state, Victoria Nuland. 

The neo-cons are famous for their ignorance of foreign cultures and their assumption that wars are won by superior weapons alone.

They hate history.

They are responsible for a series of wars in Afghanistan (losing it after 20 years) in Syria even as we speak, since 2008, in Yemen for another 20 years and of course in the mother of all wars, in Iraq since 2003.

They win no wars, their memories are fungible, they lose and go to the next, in their series of forever wars. They are war criminals on a global scale, says retired General Wesley Clark.

The young man fell for the witch’s brew, especially when he was told he was six foot tall, and that he could walk in the shoes of the great Winston Churchill.

In September 2022, a US Air Force Unit, complete with a protective squad was sent for him. He addressed the US congress. He was told that Putin was a wicked tyrant, very unpopular and that the aristocrats were awaiting for a proper time for his overthrow.

A few military defeats in the Ukraine will see Russia crumble to its knees and coming begging for mercy. All this information was from the drunken Yevgeny Prigozhin, a mercenary commander with the Russians.

Like Dr. Faust, Zelensky found the offer of immortality and perpetual youthfulness hard to refuse.

Numbers don’t lie.

War minister Olenski Reznikov  was another liar making himself up to be of the order of Melchizedek. Reznikov reported to the high council that in addition to the 700 000 men already under arms as registered in 2015, if he included other eligible units like the police force, border patrol and home units were added, he could bring one million men to bear arms.

The fighters were given the impression that fighting the Russians was a walk in the park, and they would be home for Christmas.

Of the 700 000 men, perhaps only 100 000 were combat ready. Nurses and prison officers had been included.

The Americans, as represented by US senator Richard Blumenthal laughed all the way to their money printing presses. “This is the best investment we have ever made,” said the treacherous senator. “We can fight Russia without a single American dying.”

Then came the horror of war. From April to June 2022 the Ukrainian fought bravely. 

If wishes were horses, even beggars could ride. They were going to defend the tiny hamlet of Bakhmut to the death.

Aerial photographs of the graveyards reveal that over 100 000 Ukrainians died compared to Russia’s 20 000. That ratio is one Russian to five Ukrainians.

By any measure, such a horrific death toll soon affected every Ukrainian family. Families bribed recruiters not to draft their boys. Whole villages were bombed out and as many as eight million migrated abroad.

Numbers are important;  eight million have been displaced, another eight million have migrated and 500 000 able formerly able-bodied men have either been killed or disabled. Oh, I forgot Russian speaking Ukrainians in four oblasts have been absorbed into the Russian federation.

It is the numbers, you sluggard.

US gives Zelensky a cold shoulder.

A leader who does not read history must be shot. To be an enemy  of the US is dangerous enough, but to be a friend is fatal. I will give you two examples.

The Shah of Iran was accused by his people of trying to Americanize his country. When he interviewed Barbara Walters (1978) on the spur of the moment, ignoring the Chief Ayatollah who had waited for six months for an audience, that was a straw that broke the camel’s back.

When he was overthrown by his people, the US had no use for him. They refused him refugee status and he died in Mexico, a broken man.

Iraq’s Saddam Hussein was the US man in then Middle East, acting up and cutting up, declaring a proxy war against Iran. The US falsely accused him of keeping weapons of mass destruction, hanged him (2004) and caused the death of three million Iraqis.

Fools never learn.

On September 21, Zelensky met some US leaders at speaker Kevin McCarthy’s house. He had been snubbed. A year ago, a US Air Force jet had been sent to escort him from Kiev when the US thought he would beat Russia.

Now the wind has turned. After supporting Ukraine with US$113 billion, Americans were now testy. How come he has not won the war. It is now two years. By September 21, congress had cut off his support.

“They asked straight up,” wrote a witness from TIME, “if we don’t give you the (money) what happens?”

Things are going badly for Zelensky.

The renowned investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has made a list of seven houses Zelensky owns, one in Florida, another in Paris and yet another in Israel.

Now congress is abuzz with the word “corruption.” It wants an Inspector General to go to the Ukraine.

When former president asked for a review of Ukraine’s deals with the US, he was impeached.

In the Ukraine itself, the generals told Zelensky they did not have enough men to take the village of Holivka.

Then came October 7 and all attention was on Israel.

There is a method. When Americans are tired of a puppet, they accuse him of corruption.

  • (Ken Mufuka is a Zimbabwean patriot. He writes from the US.)

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