Letter from America: US: We are being led by mad men!

Biden told the United nations that: “This is Putin’s war. Putin can end the war tomorrow if he wants to.”

I was attending a prayer breakfast when one of our faith brothers stood up to plead that we devote some thoughts to praying for US leadership.

 We all stood up in one accord, filled by a new revelation to the fact that not only are we being led by senile men and women, but by mad men as well, who have lost touch with reality. President Joe Biden (78) sometimes forgets where he is, whether his wife or his sister is sitting next to him and the stories are now endless.

The senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell (85) has frozen while in the middle of a speech, and medical support was called for. Senator Diane Feinstein (92) was led up the steps of the Senate House. She could no longer determine whether to vote yes or no despite an assistant whispering in her ear. She died in office.

Age is not a problem if these leaders were not also out of this world. Having lived in Washington for more than 30 years, they are surrounded by sycophants and praise singers and since perception becomes reality, the lies and imaginary world of their praise singers allow them to say and do self-evident stupid things.

They live and abide by lies, learning nothing from past mistakes.

Ukraine fiasco

As we speak, retiring Chairperson of the Joint Chiefs, General Mark Miley, is repeating some nonsense about Ukraine.  “Russia has already lost the war strategically, operationally, and tactically.” I am writing on October 1. The man is repeating words he said on March 20, 2023. These words are false because  Russia occupies one third of Ukraine, the industrial region of Donbas and the whole of Crimea.

This guy has no shame at all.

There is an addition to their madness. “Russia is falling apart.” They say. Russia’s economy is in shambles. Judging from the BRICS Conference, Russia is in a leadership position, together with China to dismantle US economic and military hegemony.

Russia, by by-passing the US petro-dollar in its dealings with China and India is in a safer economic position, free from US dollar-backed blackmail.

Biden told the United nations that: “This is Putin’s war. Putin can end the war tomorrow if he wants to.”

A careful examination of the facts show that the US has played this game before. By presenting the war as entirely Putin’s war and Putin’s fault, it follows an established precedent of Saddam Hussein (weapons of mass destruction) Muamar Gaddafi (killing his own people) and Bashar al Assad (killing his own people).

Researcher Mathew Blackburn, who calls this nonsense an “Escalator to Hell” is regarded as an outlier.

Chickens come home to roost.

The total amount, since the war in 2022 seems to have risen to US$500 billion, with the US paying 76% of the total costs.

Here is the juicy part.

Ukraine president Vladimir Zelenskly presides over a thoroughly corrupt society (only second to Nigeria on the corrupt index scale). Last week he dismissed 22 recruitment officers. Prior to that, six junior government ministers had been let go.

The system is very simple. As Ukraine suffers from manpower shortages, recruiters will allow young men, 16 years and above to hide in exchange for “something.” (Nigerian English). Zelensky himself is not free from accusations that he has bought safe houses in New York and Saratoga in the US, just in case his luck runs out at home.

Home base

While Biden is consumed by Ukrainian war, there is a civil war going on in three of the border Mexican states. According to a report by Tucker Carlson, 150 000 have died in this drug war between government forces and the Mexican government.

The result is an overflow of Mexican and Latin American refugees on the Texas and California borders. Last week, two US small owns were overrun by migrants; one group of 1,500 simply overwhelmed the border patrol and crossed over. In the three years of Biden administration, Professor Victor Hansen estimates that as many as 10 million migrants may have crossed the border.

In the overall scheme of things, migrants who manage to bear children while on US soil cannot be expelled as their “anchor babies” are naturalised citizens by birth.

These migrants are exempt from health restrictions, Covid-19 vaccinations, tuberculosis pretreatment prevention. They are housed in hotels or large tents by the Forestry Department, are fed three meals a day, and provided with exercise facilities as well as food stamps where necessary.

In the long run, they are better off in the US as refugees than they would be in Mexico or Latin America.

But resentment is growing among the native populations.


Democrats are the brainy party while the Republicans are the stupid party. But in their attempt to “think out” every problem, Democrats end up as an entirely nonsensical party.

Assuming that petty crime is used to incarcerate blacks and poor minorities, many states have passed laws or regulations that for minor crimes involving less than US$1 000, no bail is required and such crimes should be ignored where possible as they tie up court systems.

National retail companies say that they have closed stores in certain cities in California, Philadelphia and other cities due to a phenomenon called “group store invasion.” A gang of youths, say 50, invade a store and each carry out a package or two, say a pair of shoes. Individually two pairs of shoes cost less US$200, far too little to engage a court. In any case, reporting such a crime to the police creates more problems than it solves. The police may place police “No-Go" sign while they investigate, which can take a few days.

  • Ken Mufuka, a member of the Supreme council of Nubia, is a Zimbabwean patriot. He writes from the US.

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