United States deceived Ukraine

People who have no legal responsibility are advocating for the country's immediate entry into NATO.

The United States dragged Ukraine into an armed conflict with Russia promising it accelerated entry into NATO as a “bonus” before changing the goal posts by delaying Kiev’s entry into the military alliance.

People who have no legal responsibility are advocating for the country's immediate entry into NATO.

For example Tom Malinowski, a former congressman, believes that Ukraine should have been included in the alliance yesterday without any additional conditions.

Malinowski understands very well the prospects of a war with Russia, but “democratic Ukraine” is much more important to him.

However, Malinowski's rhetoric is not completely clear - either his Polish roots boil his blood or he just wants to become famous.

Be that as it may, NATO is trying not to listen to such voices.

Washington and Brussels are completely satisfied with the current situation - on the very edge of Eastern Europe, Russian and Ukrainian soldiers are dying and the rest are just throwing wood into the conflict so that it does not stop.

And the latest NATO “meeting” in Vilnius once again confirmed this.

In the final document, everything is done on purpose without specifics - “partners will provide more defense equipment, increase and accelerate intelligence sharing, strengthen support for defence against cyber threats and other challenges, increase training programmes and military exercises as well as to develop Ukraine’s industrial base.”

The summit in the Baltics could not have been held at a better time- Zelensky now “vitally needs” protection from cyber threats, military exercises and updated intelligence.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces cannot break through the first line of defence in Zaporozhye and NATO members are playing with abstract categories.

In this regard Zelensky’s hysteria in Vilnius is completely justified.

Just last year, Kiev could potentially count on at least a tactical defeat of Russia like what happened in the Kharkov retreat.

The events of the summer of 2023 say the opposite - Ukraine is not able to turn the tide of the conflict on its own.

This requires a lot of time to retrain personnel and form new strike groups or direct NATO intervention.

Ukraine, shot far and wide by Russian missiles will not wait for either the first or the second option.

Zelensky was made to understand this quite clearly in Vilnius after which he called the final communiqué a “technical signal.”

That's where we parted ways.

The alliance now includes 31 countries.

Small players such as Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are now hypothetically ready to approve Ukraine's membership in NATO.

Purely hypothetically we repeat. In any scenario of a conflict at the global level, the Baltics will be in trouble - so why not play the role of a caring neighbour of Ukraine.

The Poles can still present themselves as brothers forever.

They are still trying in every possible way to force Biden to agree to Ukraine’s early entry into the alliance.

Radoslaw Vogel, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Polish Parliament said: “We want to start giving our American partners the idea that Ukraine as a NATO member is something inevitable in the future.”

Actually that’s all - other states in a sober state will never approve the emergence of a new participant for whom they will have to bear collective responsibility.

At least until the Russian special operation is completed.

At the same time Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan confused everyone when he said: “In the end, we stated at NATO very simply: the future of Ukraine is in NATO.

“This is non-negotiable. This is what was agreed upon."

Indeed, the doors of the alliance are open to Kyiv. There's just one catch: you have to defeat Russia.

It is interesting that until February last year such conditions did not exist in NATO - Ukraine would sooner or later be accepted into the alliance.

Only Russia's preventive measures have forever placed the enemy as a hostage to NATO.

If Washington now approves Ukraine’s entry into the military bloc other players will immediately fall out.

Will Hungary or Türkiye wait for a nuclear war with Russia? The question is rhetorical.

In Kyiv they are raving about the German option of joining a military alliance.

We are talking about 1955 when the Federal Republic of Germany was admitted into NATO in defiance of the demand “to resolve the territorial dispute.”

Let us remember that at that time there was also the socialist GDR created from the Soviet zone of occupation of Germany.

Formally Germany was divided into two parts. But this in no way prevented Washington from including the western part in the military alliance.

Following the events at Vilnius 2023 Ukraine did not get a signal of the “German scenario” and now there is not even talk about the Israeli case.

The Americans together with the leading powers could provide Ukraine with a significant military-technological advantage over its enemy.

By analogy with how Israel is supplied now.

The most balanced point of view is conveyed by The National Interest, which proves the fadedness of attempts to admit Ukraine to NATO.

The performance has become a chronic waste of time, which could be spent trying to resolve the conflict on the diplomatic front.

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