Letter from America: US President Biden a captive in the hands of evil men!

US President Joe Biden

“Patriotism means to stand by the country.  it is unpatriotic to fail to tell the truth whether about the president or anyone else. “ (Theodore Roosevelt)

Seeing that US president, Joe Biden (or old Joe as he is lovingly called) grows weaker and frail by the day, his minions, who seek to take advantage of his senility, daily feed untruths to him about every possible event, hoping thereby to inflate their own egos.

This is the worst treachery that can be employed against a leader.

We watch daily, with sadness, allowing for grace, as Biden carries the cross brought about by the onslaught of Alzheimer’s as well as physical feebleness. At times we are filled with inner shame, even though in our hearts grace abounds, for old Joe is a lovable human being.

Blacks will remember his fierce lonely fight in 1984 against President Ronald Reagan pro-apartheid policies.

Yesterday, we were watching as he tried to speak in Vilnius, Lithuania about NATO’s role in the Ukraine and how his “handlers” have botched up everything. Former Speaker Newt Gingrich says that even if a speech is written for him, he can no longer read it properly, nor does he  have the sharpness of mind he once had to recalibrate issues as fiery darts are aimed at him self-serving journalists. He stands there smiling, saying nothing. 

“We are going to support Ukraine to the last man and to send a message to Russia that no country has a right invade another country,” he spoke.

For a country that has a history of invading other countries, Vietnam, Iraq, Syria and a whole list of others, any US official who says such a statement looks foolish. But there was an incident which called for the American audience to extend grace abounding to the poor man.

Protocol requires two fierce looking marines to stand on guard by the stairway into the plane as the president makes his way. By the way, his wife had tried with difficulty to help him wear his jacket.

As he climbed the steps, he fell three times. Common sense requires that somebody holds his hand and helps him up the steps, but oh, no, protocol requires that the marines look fiercely into the sky as the poor man stumbles and bruises himself.

This leads us to the greater evil, mentioned by Theodore Roosevelt. If these handlers, pretend  and look into the sky while the poor man stumbles and fumbles, one can imagine the lies they have been telling about matters of grave importance to the state.

General Wesley Clark, former NATO commander, said that the White House has been infiltrated by “neo-cons” (advocates of perpetual war). 

He was told that if the US freezes Russia’s assets in the US and in Europe, destroys their Nord Stream pipeline to Germany, the loss of revenue will force Russian President Vladimir Putin to come begging Uncle Sam for grace.

These neo-cons dreamed that Putin would be overthrown by his cronies. In this vein, US allies recruited warlord Yevgeny Prigozhin to commit treason through a coup. Prigozhin is a cook who has made millions by offering services to the Russian army.

Wesley Clark, a committed Christian of the Methodist faith, asked a “stupid question.” To what purpose is the war in the Ukraine? A peace deal had been arranged on the 20th of April 2021 between Ukraine and Russia. The US sent British leader Boris Johnson to scuttle the deal. Clark was told that Ukrainians will drive the Russians back to where they came from.

It is now two years. The Russians have taken over one fifth of Ukraine.

The Russians, who were expending 30 000 rounds a day, will run out of ammunition. Last week Biden confessed that the Us had run out of ammunition and was scrapping “cluster bombs” which are generally forbidden by the Geneva Convention.

Clark is not the only one who askes “stupid questions.” One of the questions asked was a reminder of Iraq. Clark was called in September 2002. A general in the Pentagon told him. “Clark, we are going to war with Iraq.”

Clark asked. “Have you found weapons of mass destruction.?”

“Oh no.” Was the answer.

“We have six other countries we will be going to war with, Syria, Libya, Yemen, (fifth missing) ending g with Iran.” He was told.

Now the reader will say. “Ken stop making up stuff?”

Biden, in his old age, is surrounded by self-serving potbellied brainless war mongers. Anybody who asks “stupid questions” is called a racist, a Russia-gate spy (Donald Trump) unpatriotic (Wesley Clark), a homo-phoebe (somebody who objects to Biden’s trans-genderization of the military) and the list goes on.

The old man does not know whether he is going or coming, whether he can chew gum and walk at the same time. But the morons, aided by the captured media, pile him with untruths about the world situation.

The Ukraine’s is being dismembered even as we speak, and yet Biden’s advisors insist that it is winning. Out of 40 million population, the United Nations Refugee Commission says that 7.3 million have left (February 13). A further 8 million have been displaced within the country. The civil service and military are now on the US payroll.

The untruths sayers tell Biden that Ukraine is winning.

In retaliation to US sanctions, Russia seized France’s giant food company Danone and Denmark’s beer company Carlsberg were seized. Arab countries which once kept gold reserves in London and New York, fearing blackmail, are reducing their holdings.

Anti-US feelings at the Latin American-Caribbean conference zeroed in on two bad words “interference and corruption.” Barbados prime minister Mia  Motley asked if the rule against interference applies to the US as well.

The most corrupt country, Switzerland, a haven for Satanic dictators and their loot is not on the US treasury list of money laundering.

Economic policy

Similarly, Biden was told that inflation was six percent per annum transient. Government agencies have reported 16 percent inflation, the highest since 1974.

Biden advisors go on day after day, saying untruths which are contradicted  by what we see while Biden, like a somnambulist walks in his sleep.

Ken Mufuka spent ten years researching on a book: Life and Times of Robert Mugabe, 1980-1920. He writes from the US. He can be reached at [email protected]

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