Letter from America: Trumped up charges turn Trump into a folk hero!

Donald Trump

There is no secret here that charges against former president Donald Trump have been cooked up and are intended to keep him away from running for president in 2024.

Anybody who has the sense of a rabbit knows that various prejudiced “deep state actors” have been plotting to do some damage to the former president since he exposed the shenanigans of the militaristic neo-conservatives in his run for president in 2016.

We have the exact date when he was marked as a pariah and various groups began to label themselves as “Never Trumpkins.”

It was February 16, in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ 2016 when Trump stood before thirteen Republican nominees for president in a debate and said these “baddest words” (Afro-English).

“The war in Iraq was a stupid war.” He said. “There were no weapons of mass destruction, and you knew it.”

Later, former president Barak Obama had entered a secret war in Syria while pretending that there was no war going on there.

And we can add the break-up of Libya as well.

Trump, like that child who saw the naked king acting out and cutting up, again asked an embarrassing question. “What the hell is our interest in Syria? And is Libya better off now than before?” In private he talked about these endless stupid wars in “shit countries”.

Please, Holy Mother of Jesus Christ, give us the patience of St. Job the Uzzite. 

Bob Woodward reported that he saw former vice-president Dick Cheney with a display of Iraqi’s oil fields on his desk. Cheney intended well and good to give those oil wells to his friends.

Similarly, even as we speak, the Central Intelligence Organisation is “running a secret war” in Syria, limited only to that part where the oil fields are located.

Libya’s foreign reserves are frozen in the United Kingdom and in the US and can only be used by a government approved by the US and UK.

Professor Jessica Levinson finds Trump guilty of keeping government documents even before he is put on trial. One would think that a professor of law knows that an accused person is not guilty until a judge says so.

“The federal criminal case against former President Donald Trump is damning. If a federal prosecutor can prove even a portion of what is detailed in the 49-page report… (hold your breath). Then the judge should sentence him to prison.” (June 4 MSNBC).

Be reminded that in Washington, DC. cut-throat attorneys are paid  US5 000 per page. Thirty-seven boxes were recovered from Trump’s dwelling  thus, making up the 37 indictments, each carrying a ten-year sentence.

Another “Never Trump cadre” by the name of Rachel Maddow of MSNBC ( a wing of the National Broadcasting Corporation) had a “reasonable suggestion.” Trump can be released from all charges if he abstains from running for office for the rest of his life.

If he refuses this sensible suggestion, his enemies will make sure that he is sent to jail for 370 years.

The anti-Trump champions have not fooled anybody. Trump is a loud-mouthed spoiled son of a billionaire who speaks what is on his mind at all the wrong places. But remember the story of the child before the naked king.

All the wise men (Republicans) pretend to swallow grapes in their mouths. “Oh, regrettable mistakes were made.” General Colin Powell said. That is all they (Republicans) could say. Three million people were displaced in Iraq and six million refugees stormed into Libya. Trump went for the kill.

“You knew it was a lie.” He told them on that fateful February 16th.

Equal justice for all

The Federal Bureau of Investigations is leading the charge. It is sworn to apply equal justice for all.

American people have not been fooled by all these shenanigans. The more they persecute Trump, the more he appears to be fighting a Goliath. He is fast becoming a folk hero. His supporters have morphed into a movement.

Two weeks ago, general support for him hovered around 43% of the population. After he was put on trial on trumped up charges, support rose by ten points. The MSNBC ( a branch of the National Broadcasting Corporation) which belongs to the “Never Trump” cannot swallow this new development. Its anchorman was so choked with emotion today (June 18) that he failed to read the numbers on his chalkboard.

Here is the write up from the National Broadcasting Corporation yesterday (June17th).  “The inquiry began after Biden lawyers found documents in a private office on November 2 (1922).” In small print, the report says that: “The FBI searched Biden’s home and found more classified documents.”

The report continues. “They (FBI) found more documents in his Washington garage on December 20 (2022) and another in his home on January 11 (2023). On January 14 (2023) a White House lawyer found additional material.”

When the FBI went to Trump’s dwelling, they sent a posse, some in dark glasses, armed to the teeth, and a dozen assault vehicles in support of the action, in the wee hours of the morning.

The search in President Biden’s dwellings and garages were done differently. Here is the official write-up. “The FBI search of Biden’s residence was kept under wraps until Saturday evening because the Justice Department requested it be private,” Bauer said in his statement.

They forgot to mention that 20 documents were found on January 13 (2023) at Penn University Center and another batch at Biden’s home in Wilmington.  Biden’s collection of documents dates to the time when he chaired the senate judiciary committee.

Nobody has suggested that at 80 years of age, Biden be sent to a jailhouse (20 documents times ten years each). Further, when Ms Hillary Clinton  realized that the FBI was coming for her 30 000 emails which she had stored on a private server, she took a hammer and destroyed them, pouring bleach just for satisfaction.

  • Ken Mufuka is a Zimbabwean patriot. He writes from the US. He can be reached at [email protected])

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