Letter to my people: You cannot rig the economy

The helicopters purchased from Russia

My Dear People.

The dispensation of darkness, poverty and confusion led by the clueless Ngwena has continued to show that its governance is not fit for purpose. The crackdown on retailers accused for the skyrocketing prices of basic goods is outright crazy.

Instead of recognising the folly of introducing the Zimbabwe dollar at a time the benchmarks for its stability were not in place, they instead accuse business of sabotage. 

It seems beyond the scope of Ngwena’s regime to realise that businesses are only increasing prices to cushion themselves from the vagaries of a useless local currency that is not only rapidly losing value daily on  the parallel market, but also on John Panonetsa’s rigged auction system.

As usual the septuagenarian leader and his coup gangsters are looking for someone to blame for their own failures.

This shows that Ngwena, who was catapulted into power on the back of guns and tanks , grabbed the leadership from the telescopic foresighted Gushungo for the sake of just being in leadership with no idea whatsoever of how to lead.

This is what Gushungo meant when he said he had no one in the party with the nous to succeed him.

What kind of leader boasts of a currency that has become a national embarrassment and which is becoming increasingly irrelevant with more than 75% of the country’s transactions being in hard currency?

It  is considered disrespectful in our African culture to call our leaders idiots, but Ngwena and his regime are making it very difficult for us to refrain from calling them just that.

It reminds me of Tsvangison’s famous statement to Gushungo that “you can rig an election, but you cannot rig an economy.” Kikikiki.

The Lacoste cabal is certainly learning it the hard way.

The recent outburst by Justice minister Ziyambi warning the ruling party against impeaching Ngwena  raised more than a few eyebrows.

Addressing a Zanu PF inter-district meeting at Banket Sports Club recently, Ziyambi warned prospective ruling party legislators against joining any impeachment bid against the Lacoste ring leader.

“There is no one who can remove the president without Zanu PF coughing,” thundered Ziyambi who is still nursing wounds from being trounced not once, but twice in the party’s primary elections.

“If you go to Parliament and think you will join others and try to do what they call impeachment, we will simply write a recall letter and force a by-election.”

Just one year after grabbing power Ngwena also warned against those looking to impeach him.

We have been told ad nauseum that Ngwena is the most loved leader in the country, so where on earth are these fears of impeachment coming from? 

Are Ngwena’s party members finally beginning to realise just how useless he is as a leader, who is devoid of probity? 

It is one thing to fear losing to Nero in the elections in August this year as evidenced by the conviction and jailing of members of the opposition, but it takes a certain type of ineptitude to get to the point of being afraid of being rejected by your own party.

This is the consequence of grabbing power without corresponding popularity kikikiki.


The African Development Bank president Akinwumi Adesina and former Mozambican head of state Joaquim Chissano were in the country this week for the impossible task of getting Ngwena and his regime to implement reforms.

Adesina and Chissano indicated that the debt clearance plan would only be viable if Zimbabwe deals with concerns over a series of factors, including political and electoral reforms. Munopengaaa!!

Asking for such reforms from this mob is akin to expecting snow to fall in Zimbabwe kkkkk. 

The word reform to Ngwena and his cabal is and will always be a stranger.

I don’t even need to be a doctor to tell Chissano and Adesina that they are wasting their precious time trying to wring reforms from a regime that is in power through the undemocratic means of a coup.

As Ngwena laughably promised reforms, opposition members are languishing in jail for exercising their constitutional right to protest against the leadership. The sooner these gentlemen realise what a monumental waste of time this exercise is, the better.

The deal for the purchase of helicopters for, among other things, air rescue missions has demonstrated yet again the misplaced priorities of this incompetent regime.

It boggles the mind how, at a time when public hospitals have become death traps and deserted by at least 4 000 health workers due to pathetic working conditions and lack of basic resources, Ngwena and his regime could decide to purchase helicopters.

Indeed, buying helicopters when hospitals do not have crucial radiotherapy cancer machines is indicative of the bankrupt leadership this country is burdened with.

Without a hint of irony Ngwena’s loudspeaker, Joji said the purchase of helicopters shows that Ngwena works.


Buying helicopters at the expense of adequately equipping public hospitals which is abandoned by even Generari who superintends over it when he falls ill, speaks of criminal neglect. 

Gushungo chete chete

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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