Letter from America: About mothers and US Hegemony!

Reuben Brigety

Before we delve into the matter at hand, the challenges facing US hegemony everywhere I look, I want to settle some scores with some brothers who have disputed my assertion that the people of the Rainbird (Hungwe Clan) and the Rainbird mothers were the wisest and the most beautiful women among the Bantu.

Before you get upset by my assertion, I need to warn you to refrain from cursing and bad words because this clan serves as keepers of the earth’s secrets and rainmakers.

The founders of the Zimbabwe Republic saw it fit to fly the Hungwe bird on their flag, a sign of reverence towards the rainmakers.

I will share only two secrets that will prove beyond reasonable doubt that the Hungwe mothers are a special breed. While all mothers are great in their fashion, the Hungwe mothers  are the greatest among the Bantu.

Those brought up by Hungwe mothers will remember the first rule of life. It is that if during times of trials and tribulations one receives help, one must write the name of the benefactor in his heart.

It does not matter how many years may pass, when one does well in life, one must open that book of life, return to the benefactors, remind them of a previous favor and bless them for it.

Fabian Mabaya is my witness that I have followed this golden rule to the letter.

Years after I left Zimbabwe, I was sitting at the feet of Muslim Imam. When I informed him of this rule, he jumped out of his stool. The Imam told me that he could think of at least four “Suras” in which the Holy Prophet instructs believers along those lines called gratitude.

My great teacher, Aeneas Chigwedere, who wrote the masterpiece, Hungwe Kingdoms, said that while this wisdom may be commonly known among all the Bantu tribes, it is the intensity with which it is practiced among the Hungwe people that made them “keepers of the earth’s secrets”.

Let me illustrate this further. All peoples of the earth are human, including white people. But the Bantu are more human than Europeans. A white man will feast while a neighbour is starving right before his eyes. Individualism has deprived the white man of some of his humanity.

If the Hungwe mothers teach their children the golden rule, the Imam said to me,  Allah will add ten times to one’s happiness.

As to why Hungwe mothers do not show any signs of ageing, I will tell you another secret. The Hungwe people, in ancient times when trees and animals could talk, made a compact with the mermaid. A newly married bride shares a secret bath with a mermaid, and while in that secret enclave, is allowed a  (muti) concoction made up of crushed hungurubwe (river stones)

A Hungwe bride and mother is therefore worth twice a cattle kraal to the groom, who inherits wisdom and peace in his kraal which surpasses all understanding.

We salute all mothers among the Bantu. But to Hungwe mothers we say all power to you.

US Hegemony challenged.

Former president Barak Obama did not support Joe Biden’s run for the presidency in 2020.

While Biden had been a loyal vice president for eight years, Obama gave this warning.

“Never underestimate Joe’s ability to mess things up.” He said.

Biden’s problems are compounded by his choice of representatives. The quality of men one surrounds himself with can determine the fate of his leadership.

The US ambassador to South Africa holds a doctorate in international affairs and was previously ambassador at the African Union. He is also a brother and as such should be aware of US betrayals in his homeland under Jim Crow as well as the Kissinger documents (1967) betraying the African cause in South Africa.

It was the US intelligence that revealed Nelson Mandela’s hide-out at Rivonia farm in 1962.

Brother Reuben Brigety parrots Biden song that no nation should have the freedom of invading another sovereign nation. Russia has committed human rights violations and therefore President Vladimir Putin should be sent to the Hague International Criminal Court.

He then speaks out of turn about South Africa sending weapons of mass destruction to Russia in aid of Russia's illegal invasion of the Ukraine.

He gives the US credit for  Nelson Mandela’s freedom in 1991 and the generous trade agreement South Africa has enjoyed with the US. In a speech to students at KwaZulu Natal University, he reiterates the African-American optimistic belief in human goodness.

“We hold these three things to be true, faith, education, and an enduring faith in the American system to bring about the reality that “all men are created equal.”

Since his arrival in South Africa in 2022, Reuben says that he has been working to advance US interests in Africa connected to “health, economic growth, security and democracy”.

His quarrel with South Africa today is based on his observation that South Africans, including the African National Congress, hold hostile views towards the US. Secondly, South Africa is not being a good boy in following international policies laid out by the US.

“We are confident that weapons were loaded onto that vessel, and I would bet my life on the accuracy of that assertion. That action is fundamentally unacceptable and has not been resolved. We ask that South Africa keeps its policy of non-alignment.” He said.

It is as if South Africa has committed treason against its overlord. Brother Reuben is grievously mistaken on three fronts.

First Biden’s assertion that no nation should invade another sovereign country cannot be taken seriously since the US is the greatest sinner in this regard. It invaded Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam and as we speak it is in Syria.

Secondly, the US, in view of Henry Kissinger’s memos and the US support for South Africa’s apartheid, cannot take any credit for anything. That is why most informed Africans in South Africa hate US policies with a passion.

Lastly, the brother’s tone of voice was offensive and showed contempt. But Reuben was not even certain (he has since apologized) if South Africa was selling weapons to Russia.

Reuben learned nothing from Collin Powell (another black brother) about serving as a white man’s handmaid.

  • Ken Mufuka is a Zimbabwean patriot. He writes from the US. He can be reached at [email protected].

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