Letter from America: Is the new Anglo-Indian Prime Minister another Obama?

Rishi Sunak

Americans are watching the events in Britain with some expectation. The election of Rishi Sunak, an Indian whose parents left India for East Africa before settling in Britain, is very similar to the long journey of Barack Obama, former United States president. When Obama was elected, people of colour and whites of goodwill cheered in the hope that at last, racism and the ghost of slavery had been thrown into the dustbin of history.

We were all wrong.

That same issue has been raised in Britain by Lord Rami Ranger (a naturalised Hindu) and a donor to the Conservative party with a record of GBP1.3 million to his name.

But there is a complication. Suella Braverman, and the last Anglo Asian home secretary, said all she could dream of was to go to the office and supervise the repatriation of black refugees to Rwanda. And so did her predecessor at the Home Office, Pritti Patel, another Anglo Asian.

In Brazil, they say that racism is not resident in the colour of the skin, but in the mind and can be convoluted.

Global donor politics

What concerns American movers and shakers is the attitude towards the new politics, driven by globalists and donors. American politics has long been the home of “big money donors” and until recently, foreigners were prohibited from making donations.

This rule no longer applies.

Zimbabweans will have no problem in understanding how this rule plays out. During the struggle, we all, men, women, and children contributed to the struggle. Children carried messages and gifts to Vakomana. Today, two white men can make such a large contribution to Zanu PF that in return, they can ask that 18 000 Chilonga tribesmen be removed from their ancestral lands because they want to start commercial lucerne grass project.

These people are sometimes called “pocketbook handlers.”

Jacob Reese Mogg, a loose cannon in the British Conservative Party has expressed similar fears. Sunak is a globalist with deep pockets with GBP700 million to his name. His wife’s father, owner of Murty Global Information Systems, is one of the richest men in India. As chancellor of the Exchequer, he kept current his US green card while his wife kept her Indian citizenship.

The issue here is that these globalists have no loyalty to any one country, and using their wealth, they can influence global markets and opinion.

Obama (bless his heart) did less for African Americans than his predecessors Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. Obama wanted to be known as a president for all Americans (whites are a majority). His cabinet was known as a white boys’ club.


What makes these globalists such a dangerous breed is their ideology and interconnectedness through money and their ability to sway public opinion through media monopolies. They are supported by think tanks, in Britain, the Adam Smith Research Institute and in the US a plethora of them masquerading as think-tanks are ideological hide-outs for intellectual prostitutes.

Our own Professor Mthuli Ncube is one of these globalists.

The sinful ideology that permeates these think tanks is that “pure markets” should be allowed to determine what goes. Secondly, high taxes on businesses are self-defeating as these enterprises can migrate. Financial markets should be liberated from all restraints.

The liberation of the British financial markets by prime minister Margaret Thatcher, 1980-1985, brought vast wealth to the London area, absorbing almost 60% of all British wealth in that single market.

In the past, the godfathers of British trade unions, like Joe Gormley of the British Mine Workers Union had reserved seats at the table of fellowship with British prime ministers, Labour or Conservative. So did the American godfathers of the American Federation of Labour (AFL) like George Meaney at the White House.

The theory was that government, labour, and business (Tripartite) were trustees of the wealth which heaven has bestowed on each country. The evil think tanks have excluded labour from the table of fellowship because they believe that high wages (living wages) make products uncompetitive.

The Thatcher revolution while making the London area very rich, due to financial markets and the Heathrow-Gatwick airport world interchange, drove whatever remaining industries in the north of England and Scotland into the ground as they migrated to cheaper labour pools in Asia.

But there is more. Thatcher the mother of the globalists (and cousin US president Ronald Reagan) downgraded the safety net (welfare and health provisions). Unemployment was due to laziness, so said Thatcherite minister Norman Tebbit. “If you want a job, you get on your bike and go look for a job.” Tebbit spoke as if poverty was voluntary. “Well, if you want more money, you go get yourself two jobs.”

With Covid-19 pandemic and the war in the Ukraine, as many as a third of the British population will find it difficult to heat their houses this winter.

This is the mindset of the globalists. They are armed with learned treatises and claim that free trade and deregulation is the answer to our problems.

They are charlatans in the grossest way possible.

Their thesis about free trade does not apply to the financial houses. When Obama assumed office in 2008, he asked why, if the financial houses had been responsible for “creative securitisation” of customers deposits and leading them to ruin, why were the bankers not in jail? Jamie Diamond, Chief at JP Morgan Stanley, is said to have laughed the laugh of the devil. “No, you don’t throw them in jail. The country will collapse. You bail them out with taxpayer money.” Diamond wondered why a president did not understand such simple reality.

The British government of Lizz Truss which has just been replaced was only an example of the worst kind of global thinking. Following a book prescription of lifting taxes from the rich, Truss allowed a 5% lower taxes on those earning GBP600 000 per year. This would add GBP10 000 to their already fat portfolios. The people earning less than GBP600 000 got no relief.

US President Joe Biden was skeptical of Truss’s policies and said some bad words. Biden says that he feels for the less fortunate among us.

Ken Mufuka is a Zimbabwean patriot. He writes from the US.

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