Most popular sports in Zimbabwe

Sports across the province of Zimbabwe have been popular for years, it has produced multiple names in the domain of the sports industry and has recognized potential names.

Sports across the province of Zimbabwe have been popular for years, it has produced multiple names in the domain of the sports industry and has recognized potential names. Zimbabwe has established the sports spirits of various athletes and has dedicatedly broadened its visions by showcasing its talent in various leagues and tournaments. A wide number of sports fill up the spaces of the country, tennis, rugby union, golf, cricket, and netball have a stupendous falling for the enthusiasts, however, football is the most popular sport in Zimbabwe.

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Sports have been acclaimed as a love past-time in Zimbabwe, and various discipline studies related to sports are provided in schools and clubs across the country. Consequently, many locals have developed an interest in watching sports and players have instilled an enthusiastic sporting spirit within them to emerge as recognized names in the world.

National Sport of Zimbabwe

One cannot establish a national sport in Zimbabwe, there are multiple games of equal importance over the nation. However, football can be attributed as the most popular and widely accepted sport in Zimbabwe, along with other sports which are already mentioned earlier. Field hockey has also gained wide emergence in the sports sphere recently.

The popularity of Cricket in Zimbabwe

The growing popularity of cricket in the world stands in contrast to the popularity of cricket in Zimbabwe. It is moderately renowned in the province and has been accepted as one of the favourite sports due to the meagre sporting opportunity available. Technically, Zimbabwe doesn’t excel in any one sport completely which makes cricket one of the excelling sports, mostly among the athletes.

Cricket is the second most well-known sport in Zimbabwe after the obvious football. The country has been a Full potential member of the well-established International Cricket Council since 1992. Considering the records from April 7, 2021, Zimbabwe ranked tenth in the tests series, twelfth in Twenty 20 Internationals and thirteenth in One Day Internationals (ODIs).

Soccer in Zimbabwe

Football became an interesting source for the people in the country in 1980 with the British soldiers arriving in the nation during the time of Sudden Rhodesia. It secured the fourth position out of a total of eight countries in 2003, at the Inaugural World Cup. It also won the esteemed Polocrosse Africa Cup in the preceding year, 2004. The current count of players or members from 10 clubs is 156. The sport was at its peak in 1996 with 420 players. The country has two distinct professional leagues: Zimbabwe Football Association and the other is CBZ’s, Premier League.

The Community Sport Development Programme

 The Community Sport Development Programme (CSDP) in Zimbabwe is a base for all the sports programs, blended with expanded growth and development of youth education. SRC crafted this strategy of CSDP to ensure that this sport was taken to the respective communities for being launched throughout the province of Zimbabwe in 2009.


The country’s external climate propagates an attractive zone for sporting spirits, also the historical vehement sporting aura of the nation has been attributed to the revival of sports. The educational culture and universalization in the players’ minds have given birth to so many sports in the province. The most popular sports football and cricket have been highlighted in the article to a major extent.