Mushekwi cranks Green Machine

Nyasha Mushekwi addressing Caps United players at their training ground in Harare on Saturday

FORMER Caps United and Warriors star Nyasha Mushekwi has called on players from his former club to work hard and stay focused in the face of economic and other challenges currently bedevilling the country.

Among a host of problems that local players face include low income and salaries, which has literally turned many into destitutes.Some footballers have quit the game as a result, while others have been forced to engage in illegal and other social ills, including drug and substance abuse.

The China-based player, who is currently in the country, took time on Saturday to visit his former club, where he addressed players before donating soccer boots, socks and sneakers to the team.

This is not the first time Mushekwi has donated to his former club. In 2019, he gifted the Green Machine with a 45-seater luxury team bus.“I'm glad that I have been able to help out,” he said.

Addressing the players, Mushekwi, one of The Green Machine’s most decorated players, encouraged the players to work hard even in the darkest of hours.“Opportunities come to the one who is prepared,” Mushekwi said.

“It's difficult... I know the situation here back home is not so easy... there are many challenges. But as a player, you have to be prepared. You have to work hard. Don't do it for the team,” he urged.

“If the team is not satisfying you, do it for yourself because you don't know who might be watching you play. You don't know what God is planning for you, so you just need to keep your head up. Stay humble, work as hard as you can. Push your body to the extremes until you realise your full potential.” 

Mushekwi expressed gratitude for the eight years he spent at Caps United, which he said opened doors for a successful football career he is enjoying. After leaving Caps United, the striker moved to South Africa, then Europe before moving to the Far East.

He reckons there are a lot of talented players locally who deserve to play abroad.“I believe that, not only here at Caps United, but the whole of the Zimbabwe league, there is so much talent that can even surpass most of these so called other big countries in Africa. Sometimes we lose our focus because of these situations, and we end up giving up. Let's not give up, let's keep pushing until we realise our dreams," Mushekwi said.

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