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Zimbabwe Annual Investor Forum: We have a plan for suspended Old Mutual, PPC counters – ZSE

“We have been working with the regulator the Securities and Exchange Commission and we have a way forward. We hope that we will be able to reveal it in a month or two,” Bgoni said.

By Kudzai Kuwaza THE Zimbabwe Stock Exchange chief executive Justin Bgoni has revealed that there is a now a plan to solve the conundrum of the suspended Old Mutual and PPC counters from the local bourse.

Responding to a question over the suspended counters at the inaugural Investment Forum held by the Zimbabwe Independent and Piggy Bank Advisors, Bgoni said the bourse has held meetings and have come with a plan which they will announce within the next two months.

#WATCH 🟤We bring you #LIVE updates from the inaugural #Zimbabwe Annual Investor Forum where HE @edmnangagwa is expected to address ▶️Sustainable Long-term Investment Opportunities #ZimInvestment2022#MediaNDS1@MypiggybankC pic.twitter.com/TlvQWcyMnH

— Zimbabwe Independent (@Zimindependent) August 24, 2022

“We have been working with the regulator the Securities and Exchange Commission and we have a way forward. We hope that we will be able to reveal it in a month or two,” Bgoni said.

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The suspension of the counters has resulted in the prejudicing of thousands of shareholders.

▶️Sustainable Long-term Investment Opportunities ‘We haven't had Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) coming since around 2015/16, because of the exchange rate, people worry that they are not going to able to take their money out’ – Justin Bgoni – @ZSE_ZW CEO pic.twitter.com/kWgqyZmXzx

— Zimbabwe Independent (@Zimindependent) August 24, 2022

More to follow…