Mlilo dares new narratives in latest audio-visual series

Thabani Mlilo

AUTHOR and business development strategist Thabani Mlilo has launched Unfiltered Series — an audio-visual motivational series which seeks to pose questions and inspire individuals to make meaningful transformations in their respective paths. The Unfiltered Series which is a build-up to Mlilo’s upcoming book titled Unfiltered seeks to encourage individuals to have authentic assessment and understanding of the role that one has to play in order to reach their fullest potential.

Thabani Mlilo

Thabani Mlilo is an African iconoclastic author and speaker with a mandate to change the narrative shaping the African continent through his work, talks, and writings. He is the co–founder and facilitator of Ubuntu Lab — a personal growth hub that focuses on the holistic development of the entrepreneur in emerging markets. The company has served a number of its clientele through concept development, facilitation, and consultation services and is actively involved in the leadership, and entrepreneurship training of young business leaders through a mentorship program called Level Up, which pairs established businesspeople and start-ups.

He is currently working with Ibu Hub as the hub manager and business developer curating the strategy that the company undertakes.

Mlilo strongly believes that life is shaped by the questions we ask and that it is in these that we find the true meaning of our existence and this in turn led him to launch the Unfiltered audio-visual series.

“It is the questions that matter and these lead us to become exceptional. The greatest call is for us to live our dreams Here is my story about my big dream and I aim to inspire you in pursuing yours. My gift to you is an inspirational series that comes in both audio and video formats to inspire and challenge you to be the best version of yourself. The series is a result of the wisdom acquired from the average person, the grandmother in the village, young people in the heart of Africa, and the CEO of a formidable institution in Africa,” he said.

According to Mlilo, the Unfiltered Series aims to challenge recommended notions that shape the narrative for many which the majority follows by removing the veil or the masks and encouraging them to pursue their own new paths and territories with the ultimate goal being to set exemplary footprints which others will follow.

He believes that real growth occurs the moment there is a shift of focus from problems to finding solutions and subsequently solving those problems.

Mlilo’s Unfiltered Series project is an outlook of the need to be intentional if one is to intensify and embark on their path to greatness. The series elaborate how a renewed outlook is imperative to adopt a moving forward window to see the power in the pursuit of dreams despite existing circumstances.

Ubuntu Lab has served a number of clients including Rio Zim, Zimnat, EcoCash, School of International Futures (UK), the British Council, and others.

On an individual level, Mlilo has facilitated at the So Creative Summit, Seed Stars Summit, and Hub Konneckt events among others.He is also a YALI RLC SA Alumni and was in the Entrepreneurship Track and is an author of three  books namely The Shift — A story about two fifty cent bond coins and a dream”, The Dream Continues and Burn Your Boats.

In one of his books titled The Dream Continues, Mlilo argues that history has chronicled the stories of those that chose to dream, not ordinary dreams but outrageous ones, and how it uniquely reserved a place for those that immensely challenged the existing narrative through bravely exploring the paths which led to their greatness. The book explores the journey that one takes in the pursuit of their dreams fusing with practical experiences and drawing key lessons from such. It is built on the premise that “we have all been afforded a chance to tell our own stories and dream outrageously”

Through his books, Milo has unleashed his message of inspiration beyond the Zimbabwean borders having conducted the Shift African Tour in Zambia, South Africa, Rwanda, and Namibia with his ultimate objective being to dare young people to be more proactive and transform their mindsets.

Mlilo derives his energy and inspiration from building beautiful African stories through challenging existing narratives by equipping a new purpose and impact-driven generation of young leaders.

  • Fungayi Antony Sox works at Tisu Mazwi – a communication-centered social enterprise specialising in books, education, IELTS, and storytelling projects. He writes in his personal capacity. For feedback contact him on 0776 030 949, connect with him on LinkedIn on Fungayi Antony Sox, or follow him on Twitter @AntonySox.

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