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According to WTTC's prediction, Rwanda's travel and tourism industry is expected to support almost 568 000 employment and generate over US$2,1 billion in economic output by 2033.

A STATLING 10-year projection for the travel and tourism industry in Africa is revealed in the most recent Economic Impact Research from the international tourist organisation.

According to the World Tourism and Tourism Council (WTTC), the travel and tourism industry will generate over US$300 billion in economic output in Africa by 2033, and it will provide over 36 million jobs overall.

According to WTTC's prediction, Rwanda's travel and tourism industry is expected to support almost 568 000 employment and generate over US$2,1 billion in economic output by 2033.

This demonstrates Rwanda's dedication to eco-friendly travel, expanding the range of experiences it provides, and raising public knowledge of the country's abundant wildlife, rich cultural legacy, and artistic expression.

The land of a thousand hills, Rwanda's beautiful environment and warm, welcoming people offer one-of-a-kind experiences in one of the world's most amazing countries. It has a remarkable biodiversity, with incredible fauna dwelling in its mountains, highland forests, and wide plains.

Travellers come from all over the world to view the gorgeous gorillas, but there is so much more to see and do.

The Albertine Rift is a branch of the Great Rift Valley that runs across Rwanda's west. It is teeming with life and home to numerous indigenous species.

Chimpanzees, golden monkeys, and other primates coexist with hundreds of colorful birds, flowers, and butterflies.

Rwanda is dedicated to preserving the life of several iconic species within its four National Parks.

Rwandans are continually working to guarantee that they can live in peace with their environment in the long term, with a clean and green mindset.

They banned plastic bags in 2008, and their grounds are possibly the cleanest in Africa as a result of community initiatives.

Ten percent of the revenue generated from gorilla, safari, and other visitor permits, as well as park fees, is invested in collaboration with local communities.

Rwandans are warm and welcoming, but they are also respectful, thoughtful, and dedicated to the idea of progress—from the bottom up to the top. From the ancient kingdom to the present, creativity is something to be honored, whether it be in the form of distinctive architecture, works of art, or traditional dance.

The 23rd World Travel and Tourism Council Global Summit will be held in Kigali, Rwanda, from November 1 to 3 2023.

The World Travel and Tourism Council's annual Global Summit is the most influential travel and tourism event of the year, and this year, industry leaders will gather with key government representatives to continue aligning efforts to support the sector's recovery and move beyond to a safer, more resilient, inclusive, and sustainable future.

Experts in the field from the public and private sectors are brought together by WTTC every year for its Global Summit to discuss the most pressing issues facing travel and tourism in the twenty-first century.

Establishing and enhancing significant strategic goals to address the sector's social, environmental, and economic issues will be possible with the help of this summit.

By bolstering its resilience and emphasising sustainable and inclusive growth, travel and tourism may continue to provide shared income for the whole community to build a better future.

The 22nd WTTC Global Summit took place in November 2022 in the majestic auditorium of the King Abdulaziz International Conference Centre in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and brought together the most eminent businesses, journalists, and diplomats in the globe for three days.

The summit brought together voices from the public and private sectors, including over 60 government delegations, 300 chief executives, over 3 000 delegates, and 5 000 virtual attendees, to address the most significant issues confronting travel and tourism today.

WTTC president and chief executive officer Julia Simpson remarked in her concluding address at the 2022 summit: "Saudi Arabia will be the next major destination for visitors as it invests US$800 billion in showcasing the Kingdom to the world".

 Saudi Arabia is full of surprises, from the snow-capped mountains to the Red Sea.

 “We can't wait for Rwanda to host our next global summit there in 2023. Rwanda, a remarkable nation well-known for its conservation efforts, is becoming known as a must-visit location.

 The Riyadh event, with the theme “Travel for a Better Future,” highlighted the importance of the travel industry to the world economy, the environment, and local communities everywhere. 

“This Global Summit is a rallying cry for leaders, innovators, and change-makers from all corners of the globe to come together and craft a new vision for the sector,” Simpson stated.

Being at the vanguard of creating a sector that is dedicated to sustainability and inclusivity, as well as resilient, is an unmatched opportunity.

“As the industry starts a momentous new chapter, Rwanda is the ideal location for our Global Summit,” WTTC said in a statement.

“Africa has the youngest population in the world, and by 2033, the travel and tourism industry will account for US$1 of every US$13 generated in the continent and employ one in every 17 people.

“This highlights the industry's enormous potential to create new jobs and spur economic progress for young people throughout Africa.”

The main issues and prospects facing the industry will be discussed at the Global Summit, which will include talks on resilience and sustainable growth, the expanding impact of artificial intelligence (AI), and comprehending new and emerging markets.

The Rwanda Development Board's Francis Gatare declared: “We are honoured to host the inaugural WTTC Global Summit in Africa.”

This is a significant event for the entire continent, even though it will be held in Rwanda.

Africa offers some of the most breathtaking tourist destinations and experiences on the planet, and the industry generates millions of employment that are crucial to the continent's ongoing economic growth.

“Building bridges across the tourism and travel ecosystem and co-designing a sustainable future will be made possible by this year's WTTC Global Summit, enabling the sector to realise its full potential.”

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