Open letter to President Mnangagwa on Gold mafia exposé

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Your Excellency President Emerson Mnangagwa,

Greetings from out of Zimbabwe. Please allow me to humbly touch base with you for the first time. I know as you well do, you have a lot on your plate; thus, I have to get down to business. I am sure either you have watched, or your agents and assistants did and informed you about the documentary doing rounds currently on social media and the Al Jazeera TV wherein your name is adversely mentioned. The whole thing exposes Zimbabwe as a Gold Mafia and money launderer if not a sewer.

Being the President of the country that is said to have been robbed by its own people, what have you to say about either what you know, what you see, or how you are planning to deal with such a denting mega scandal? Since this scandal surfaced, you have maintained silence. Does it solve the problem or exacerbate it? Do you not realise that your silence can be misconstrued as trying to let things unravel and go on with business as usual? If Al Jazeera cooked up the story that hugely dents your country and your name, why are you not instituting a case against them, even contacting their host country? If indeed what the faker in the documentary is saying is fictitious, how did you appoint him an ambassador-at-large without vetting him? And if you vetted him, why did you not discover who he truly is? Is there something dodgy and pongy in this marriage of yours?

More questions quickly. Since “your boy”, known as Uebert Angel has been exposed, why is he still a free man? If indeed he is not connected to you, who appointed him an ambassador-at-large despite his obvious ineptness, why is he is not behind bars so that he can be quizzed thoroughly? If all allegations the boy made are not true, why have you not instructed your lawyers to recant them and make him pay for his sins or even facing the world about them?

Although this fake prophet might be seen as if his goose has already been cooked, if you are not careful, Zimbabweans shall wake up one day demanding more explanations, and you can end up cooking your own goose. Jacob Zuma in neighbouring South Africa did what you are now doing, with those two Indian criminals, because of the power he had and wrongly thought he would get away with murder. Where is he now? Power comes and goes, and the reality remains. You are on top today. Tomorrow, you will be at the bottom of the pile.

I understand you can bury the current mega and stinking gold scandal under the razz, but believe ye me, it will revisit you at an unexpected moment. How can anybody get away with such grand robbery? How, if at all, is it possible that the one committing such dirt is the one who swore to protect people and their property but is the one now mugging them? Zimbabweans and the world would like to hear your side after hearing Al Jazeera’s and your ambassador’s. The prickliest question many Zimbabweans are asking is: how can a person, out of the blue, throw numero uno’s name around without any say-so or nexus between the duo? This said, Your Excellency, it is incumbent upon you to clear the air by coming clean about this burning issue.

I humbly ask you to do justice not only for you, but also for me. I don’t want to believe that what the fake prophet is saying in the documentary in which you are referred to as numero uno is true in the first place. I wish everything was a big lie since this can save your face and that of Zimbabwe, so to speak. Again, how will I conclude so if you have kept mum? At law, we believe that an innocent person would loudly deny any serious charges, while a mum suspect’s silence is always interpreted as an admission of guilt.

To make a long story short, Mr President, please come out of the cubby-hole and set the record straight. Do so, even for the sake of saving face or understanding that there is life after power. Revisit what Zuma is now facing to avoid the same predicament by telling your side of the story since every story has two sides to it. Thanks in advance. I am anxiously waiting to hear your side.

My words and works will live longer, spread wider, speak louder, and be more valued than their creator who happens to be me. They will speak when I won’t have power and time to speak. They will speak even in my absence.

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