Reality finally dawning on Zanu PF

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

IN the four or so articles I have written thus far on the ludicrous proliferation of all these dubious “4ED” organisations — I have made it abundantly clear that these were just groupings of desperate opportunists, who cared zero about their declared patron, President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa — but, where simply formed for the sake of survival.

I have asserted that, no one in their right mind would sincerely throw their weight behind the same individual or entity that had authored their dire predicament — which forced them into seeking desperate measures to make ends meet, in the first place — and, in this case, by pretending to support Mnangagwa.

From the word go, it could not be denied that those flocking to these shady organisations were actually, deep down, fed up with the unending intolerable poverty and suffering unleashed upon them by the regime led by the person they now claimed to be campaigning for to win crucial presidential elections slated for later this year.

Surely, what sense would there be for anyone — with all their marbles fully accounted for — to suddenly become eager to support the very person who has caused them indescribable anguish and torment. How can they surely wish such a person to remain in office for even a day longer?

Pretence, deceit and lying was written all over these outfits from day one!

Yet, for some strange reason — which, I put down to even greater desperation and panic over a possible humiliating loss at the polls — the ruling Zanu PF, somehow, never saw through these shenanigans.

Only a few days ago, months (if not a year) after such “4ED” groups as the curiously-named “Young Women for ED” started sprouting up, the party finally appeared to have awoken from its deep slumber, to the brutal realisation that these people only wanted to benefit financially from their association with both Zanu PF and Mnangagwa.

At a Press conference, the party’s national commissar, Mike Bimha, bemoaned these outfits’ seeming obsession with financial assistance — in which he asserted: “Affiliates are not formed to get loans from the party… the party does not give loans for projects.”

So, it is true what our sage elders said: “Tumbwanana hatusvinuri musi umwe,” roughly translated means: “All puppies don’t open their eyes on the same day.”

In other words, in life, not all of us wise up to the truth at the same time, there will always be those who, either deliberately or naively, through gullibility or foolishness, remain oblivious to reality — only to have the truth hit them: Boom, like a tonne of bricks much later.

No one doubts that the ruling party is wary of being thoroughly embarrassed during this year’s elections — and, has become so blinkered that they are prepared to accept and embrace anyone and everything that promises support, without any due diligence or sober thought.

Nonetheless, there are things on this planet who are just too obvious.

This is evidenced by the lack of prudence and discernment in seeing who all these “4ED” groups are: Opportunistic people, who have seen an open bank, where they hope to reap big by taking advantage of a terror-stricken political establishment, fearful of losing power.

If I were also an unprincipled individual, seeking to make a living by any means necessary — perhaps I would have also formed my own “Writers 4 ED” or “Activists 4 ED”.

It is a good thing, of which I am greatly proud, that I never sell my soul to the “devil” — no matter how impoverished I become — and, would rather die of hunger, than support, even in pretence, the very same people who is causing my misery.

And, those who know my personal circumstances are fully aware how much I struggle to make ends meet. Needless to say, not all Zimbabweans, apparently, are of this thinking — and, there are those all too willing to prostitute themselves for some few pieces of silver.

What we should not lose sight of, though, is the shock that awaits the ruling party and its leader, come 2023 elections.

As much as there are all those prepared to jump into bed with their own tormentors — for a morsel to eat — I seriously doubt if they will exhibit the same faked loyalty in the privacy of the ballot box.

That is where Zanu PF will truly be shocked into reality, that is if it has not yet smelt the coffee yet.

Today, these “4ED” groups will mushroom everywhere — but, mark my words, none of these people harbour any real affection for Mnangagwa — but, merely in it for the easy pickings.

This is a fact Zanu PF in general, and Bimha in particular, appear to be finally rudely waking up to.

  • Tendai Ruben Mbofana is a social justice advocate, writer, researcher, and social commentator. Please feel free to contact him on WhatsApp or Call: +263715667700/ +263782283975, or Calls Only: +263788897936, or email: [email protected]


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