The power of a dream

Jonah Nyoni

A HAPPY life is an output of hard and intentional work. A great life is as a result of a purpose-driven life. Most people want a happy life. Some people might not admit it, but they want to live a debt-free life. Most people want to be impactful, fulfilled and have a bigger income.

Who would not want to spend their lives the way they want? Some people might not agree to a better life, but they cry for a pay rise, complain about their boss who is domineering, they whine about the economy which is not doing well. Those are signs that people want a better life. How bad enough do you want a better life?

Life has to be upbeat. But that does not happen because we wish so or want it so, but because we have become relentless and not satisfied with the status quo. You must want it so badly. The majority wish it and they end on wishing.

Some walk towards it, but when things become tough they give up. Some say: not everyone is successful, so why worry? And they complain and blame everyone but themselves.

The power of now

You don’t become successful on “some” future date. You become successful now. Some people say I will start on a project when things become right. What if such a day does not come? Success is not what we will bump into or wait for, but something we build every day.

That’s the mistake that more people make in their life. They wait until they have no energy to do anything at all. Success has less to do with what other people will do for you, but it has everything to do with what you do yourself. Don’t wait for someone to do it for you, but start where you are. Start small and start now.

Power of habits

Habits are a collection of daily actions and rituals. When you have bad habits, you will reap negative results. Success is based on habits and so is failure.

Change your desires by choosing what you focus on. Quit bad habits and adopt new positive ones. Let’s say you are addicted to watching television, replace that by reading a book that improves your mind.

Develop a set of habits that will catapult you to achieve greater results. Systematically improve one habit at a time to dramatically shift your life. Take a notebook and write bad habits that are inhibiting you in your life on the left side and in the middle, draw a straight line down and write your new habits that you are going to adopt.

After you have done that, strike your bad habits with red pen. Work on your new habits daily. First, accept that you have bad habits. Second, have a desire to quit. Third, look for tools and skills that will help you change. Finally, work on your new habits daily.

The power of why

Define your “why” in life? Why do you do what you are doing now? That will help you get the reason why you always get the same results you have had.

Change your belief systems about yourself and change your life. Believe you are the next great thing. When you know why you are on earth, you start living a true life.

Power of relationships

Relationships influence us. Relationships determine who and what we think about. Some relationships are cancerous to your success.

Those bad relationships might not show at first, but they will slowly eat into your energy, suck your passion, steal your peace, poison your attitude and ultimately bog you down. It’s so hard to convince some people that their friends are their greatest enemies.

Power of time

Time has been given equally to everyone and the question is how you use this special resource. You don’t have time for everything and that is the reason why you should manage it.

Control your time. Invest most of your time on what you want to accomplish. There are time wasters and you should be mindful of them. Balance your time. Plan your time.

Spend the best and the bulk of your time investing and thinking about the future. I have had a big challenge trying to help people trapped in this problem called “past mentality”.

Most people have wasted their time in the past and that has robbed them of treasures that the future holds.

They are stuck and tormented in the quagmire of what they did not do and what they did not do right. That is lost time. They replay the wrong tape in their mind. They have sleepless nights thinking of their divorce, an abortion, bad decisions, mistakes, and all they missed in the past.

Power of visualisation

Imagine who you want to become in the pictures of your mind. See the best. If you are a speaker, see yourself speaking to thousands and helping people becoming better.

Make visuals (vision boards) that will constantly remind who you will become. Paint images or print pictures and stick them in your office, bedroom and anywhere where they will remind of where you want to be.

Power of self-discipline

Success is comprised of simple steps. The body might not want to work, but you have to do that which you must do at the right time.

Success is not by chance, but by those changes you make in your life. Set a clear goal and start to work towards it. Write down the goal or any activity and the date when it should be achieved.

Let’s say you want to read a book every month, allocate yourself hours you are going to do it. The reason why I emphasise discipline is that there are obstacles along the way, but don’t be distracted by obstacles.

Power of daily growth

Success takes small steps we make daily. Our daily rituals become our reality. Start your morning by using the following simple steps: Plan, map out your day. Exercise. Read your Bible or something that builds your inner drive. Review your dreams. Eat well in the morning and meditate — think, dream and pray.

The power of a desire

Your desire should be so strong. How bad enough do you want your dream to come to fulfilment? Game changers are people that want it bad enough. Learn from the best. Strive to become a game changer. Want it as though it was already there. Want is as though it was the last thing and only thing needed to stay alive. Fight for it! Have strong faith! Don’t give up on your dream.

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