Letter to my people: Structureless CCC is giving them torrid time

This says a lot about how deep Zanu PF’s fear of CCC is. They literally want to change the rules while the game is in play.


My Dear People

Cde Chris was literally frothing at the mouth demanding that CCC provide its structures.

I have never seen such voyeurism, where one man spends so much time fretting over what happens in another man’s backyard.

Look, if the absence of structures is CCC’s Achilles’ heel, then Zanu PF should be celebrating rather than obsessing in the manner they are doing now.

This says a lot about how deep Zanu PF’s fear of CCC is. They literally want to change the rules while the game is in play.

I hope this shows you how visionary and farsighted Baba was.

Baba fired Cde Chris sometime back because he could see that he was a divisive figure.

But guess who was there to offer Cde Chris support? Tsvangirai and Nero.

They accused Baba of being an autocrat. But look at what the so-called democrat called Cde Chris is.

I hope you now realise that Baba was a far better democrat than these guys.

Anyway, Cde Chris, your house is on fire.

Instead of being bothered about CCC’s structures, Cde Chris should be telling us what Zanu PF plans to do to fix the shambolic economy and the collapse of social services.

That is the job of a governing party and not obsessing with opposition structures.

During the last elections, Launchmore promised a working health delivery service, but four years later, it’s clear that he has failed in that regard.

Last week, a Zimbabwean woman was dressed down by a South African politician who had had enough of Zimbabweans going to that country to seek medical help.

Her gripe was that ill-Zimbabweans were squeezing South Africans out of that country’s health sector, as South Africans were failing to access medical services.

The South African politician was accused of being a xenophobe, but few questions were asked of Launchmore.

If Launchmore had delivered the world class health system that he had promised, then there would be no need for Zimbabweans to travel to South Africa in search of medical services.

If Launchmore had delivered a working economy, then fewer Zimbabweans would need to to travel to South Africa in search of jobs.

Yes, the South African politician deserves the criticism she got, but more questions and criticism should be directed towards Launchmore and his government.

If the economy was working and health care delivery was decent, then, not even a single Zimbabwean would have to stand the humiliation that that poor woman went through.

Oh and then Arundel Hospital, which has been linked to Queen Bee, comes in and plays to the gallery and says it will pay the woman’s medical fees.

Look, I don’t think that any Zimbabwean wants charity, instead we want a functional economy that provides jobs and decent health care.

Will Arundel pay fees for every Zimbabwean patient that is humiliated by South African politicians and health workers?

You called me all sorts of names, but please remind me of a day when I harassed journalists.

Last week, Dr Amai II took her own journalists from Harare to Bulawayo. When she got to Bulawayo, local journalists were barred from covering her function.

Auxillia Mnangagwa

Surely, it doesn’t make sense to take journalists from one part of the country to another and then bar local ones.

Harare journalists do not know the local nuances and there’s need for Bulawayo journalists to be there.

The question is: why does Dr Amai II only want to be reported on by journalists she chooses?

Does she only want favourable coverage from journalists she can manipulate?

What is she hiding? Her husband’s government is promising freedom of expression, yet she is undermining that very right.

What is disconcerting is that this isn’t the first time she has done it. She did it in Marondera and now she’s doing it in Bulawayo.

A clear pattern is beginning to develop and it will only get worse.

Speaking of journalists, it seems they are now an endangered species. Not a single week goes by without journalists being attacked in one way or the other.

This past week, four journalists were the victims of an alleged attack from suspected Zanu PF supporters.

One journalist lost his tooth while another collapsed.

Is this the new dispensation that you all marched for? Is the the second republic that you celebrated?

As they say, journalism is not a crime.


Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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