Why we do what we do at AMH: Mafukidze

At Alpha Media Holdings (Private) Limited (AMH), we are passionate and unapologetic about the success of our country, Zimbabwe.

The third edition of the International Renewable Energy Conference organised by The Standard in partnership with the Energy and Power Development ministry was held in Victoria Falls between Tuesday and Friday.

The highly successful conference was officially opened by President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Friday. Mnangagwa praised Alpha Media Holdings (AMH), publishers of The Standard, for taking the initiative to set the agenda for adoption of renewable energy sources in Zimbabwe and the world.

Below is the speech delivered by AMH group CEO Kenias Mafukidze at the conference.

Before I go deep, I need to share with you why we do what we do.

#DAY1🔴𝐑𝐞𝐧𝐞𝐰𝐚𝐛𝐥𝐞 𝐞𝐧𝐞𝐫𝐠𝐲 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐟𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐫𝐨𝐚𝐫𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐥𝐢𝐟𝐞▶️The International Renewable Energy Conference has become a permanent feature in the calendar for Zimbabwe’s energy sector.🔗https://t.co/Qr6XrotyxV pic.twitter.com/VtGN2p9pzT

— The Standard Zim (@thestandardzim) March 22, 2022

At Alpha Media Holdings (Private) Limited (AMH), we are passionate and unapologetic about the success of our country, Zimbabwe.

Among our motivations:

  • Through all our endeavours, publications, events and digital platforms, we strive to empower humans to be the masters of their own destiny.
  • Our mission is to tell the Zimbabwean story in a sensitive, objective, and ethical manner.
  • We dream to mould Zimbabwe into a model democracy, in which all its people — including minorities — are equal before the law; in which the rule of law is sacrosanct.
  • We believe, working together, we can create a society where the sanctity of life is paramount.
  • Our mission is to make meaningful contribution to a just and prosperous Zimbabwe and indeed the globe. as we do this we have a global audience of over five million humans who wake upevery morning to catch a glimpse of our view of the world.

We welcome how you tolerate diversity of thought.

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Contrary to yesteryear thought that differing viewpoints are bad for the country, we believe in diversity of thought and voices and therein lies progress and our strength.

We thank you for tolerating sometimes divergent thoughts.

That to us is the mark of leadership.

#WATCH 🔵International Renewable Energy Conference & Expo 2022https://t.co/LF1KXTs2X3#RECZim2022#solarenergysystemZim #sustainableenergyZim #gosolarZim #cleanenergy

— The Standard Zim (@thestandardzim) March 23, 2022

Why renewable energy? Because we love our country, because we love our globe we could not sit on the sidelines of an unfolding catastrophe where our planet  is slowly, yet quickly incinerated by the very people who are meant to benefit from it.

Together we partnered with the ministry (of Energy and Power Development) and decided to make our relatively large voice count.

Alpha Media Holdings, the publishers of NewsDay, the Zimbabwe Independent and The Standard in partnership with the Ministry of Energy and Power Development are proud to have brought  this third Edition of the Renewable Energy Conference and Expo 2022 at the back of COPE 26 recently held in Glasgow where the main renewable energy resolutions were adopted, including financing, adaptation and mitigation.

This year’s conference is guided by these resolutions under the theme, New Frontier Net Zero Africa.

The world’s main objective is to reduce carbon emission focusing on “Accelerating the Fossil Fuel Phase Out” due to climate change.

Your Excellency, as AMH we are here so assist in our small way to harness our better judgements and work together to save our planet and in the process ourselves as a human race.

Whilst here, I encourage you to make this conference count: It’s not coincidental that Victoria Falls is located in this our land!

It is not true that we were discovered by David Livingstone.

In the same breath, it’s no coincidence that you lead the people in this season.

You have a divine mandate to lead us into a 2030 mandate.

Energy is a key part of this. We embrace your challenge earlier that we aim for the 300 megawatts of renewable energy production.

Part of making this possible is having robust tariff structures that allow investments to be recouped.

Also having an exchange rate that closes out arbitrage opportunities

Assist us in prioritising our own suppliers of power over foreigners.

Once again, a big thank you to Your Excellency the President of our Republic, Cde Dr Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa

  1. Hon Minister of Energy and Power Development Soda Zhemu.
  2. Our host; minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution Honourable Richard Moyo
  3. Deputy Chief Secretary George Charamba
  4. Deputy minister of Energy and Power Development Honourable Amai Mudyiwa
  5. Deputy minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Tech Development Honourable Raymore Machingura
  6. Deputy minister of Housing and Social Amenities: Honourable Yeukai Simbanegavi
  7. My sister, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Energy and Power Development Dr. Gloria Magombo.
  8. Ms Zemha Gawachas of the Namibian embassy.
  9. Mr Edwardo Edmundo of the Angolian embassy.
  10. Mr Jack Thompson of the embassy of United States of America.
  11. No words can express our gratitude to our esteemed sponsors:

• Zesa represented by Dr. Sydney Zukuzo Gata

  • ZIDA: represented by Dudu Shinya
  • Jinko Solar represented by Millicent Chidamba
  • Steward Bank,
  • Zera
  • Old Mutual and our other sponsors for making this event possible and allowing us to come together.

In conclusion, Your Excellency, I do not believe God put you into this position so that your spirit and that of the entire Zimbabwe can wilt under the pressure of sanctions.

'Renewable energy is no longer a matter of choice but a necessity given the negative effects of climate change. This third edition of the conference must result in concrete recommendations and results in the way we do things in renewable energy' – @edmnangagwa pic.twitter.com/utHaesct8I

— The Standard Zim (@thestandardzim) March 25, 2022

On the contrary I believe you were put into this so that like a sphinx Zimbabwe can rise and be a global icon.

Zimbabwe is meant to lead in this subject. Through you,Your Excellency, like Martin Luther we have a dream where through your leadership, we usher the globe into the next phase of clean energy.

“Nyika inovakwa  nevanhu vayo”. We are the people.

Your Excellency, I formally invite you to patron this initiative and lead it.

Through your leadership this conference will not go down as an enjoyable conference, but more importantly an impactful one, through your presence.

#WATCH 🔴International Renewable Energy Conference & Expo 2022 Day 2#RECZim2022#solarenergysystemZim #sustainableenergyZim #gosolarZim #cleanenergy https://t.co/OYlzSt9aI5

— The Standard Zim (@thestandardzim) March 24, 2022

Through your leadership Zimbabwe shall become energy self-sufficient.

To this extent as the organisers we present to you our gift of a water tank. Water represents life and sustenance.

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