CCC supporter acquitted in ED posters case


A MvurwiI resident has been acquitted on charges of destroying President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s election campaign posters ahead of the August elections.

Tendai Dandajena (43), a Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) supporter, was arrested on July 9 in Concession while on his way to attend a campaign rally addressed by party leader  Nelson Chamisa.

Dandajena was charged with destruction of political posters in contravention of section 152(1) of the Electoral Act.

Prosecutors alleged that Dandajena unlawfully removed and tore Mnangagwa's campaign posters, which were displayed on a wooden utility electricity pole in Concession.

One torn poster was produced during trial at the Bindura magistrates court.

However, Dandajena was acquitted at the close of the prosecution case. His lawyer Ernest Jena from the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights applied for discharge after arguing that his client was a victim of political violence.

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