Man Apprehended For 20 Counts of Fraud

He was remanded out of custody after State consented to US$150 bail .

A man from Banket was arrested and arraigned by Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission before Harare Magistrates Dennis Mangosi facing twenty counts of fraud.

Admire Munyanyi (48) was represented by Malvern Mapoko from Rubaya and Chatambudza Legal Practitioners.

He was remanded out of custody after State consented to US$150 bail .

Munyanyi will appear in court  on  November  23 pending investigations.

It is in State case that during a period extending from 2020 to September this year  , Munyanyi  created ten WhatsApp groups   purporting to group participants  that he had capacity to import goods from China to Zimbabwe .

Munyanyi misrepresented  his companies Glow Go Online Shopping and Shipping Services facilitate the deliveries.

On the first count , it is alleged that a complainant Pamela Mamire joined Munyanyi WhatsApp group looking to import goods to Zimbabwe.

She noticed one of the advert by Munyanyi and went on to pay US$1000 to the accused through her wife Rejoice Munyanyi forex Access Account.

The court heard that the transaction occured in September 4,  2021 to January 24 , 2022  through installments.

Munyanyi was issued with prove of payment by the complainant.

It is alleged that Munyanyi failed to deliver the products and became evasive , Mamire lost US$1000 and nothing was recovered.

According to court papers, on another count Munyanyi was approached by complainant Lillian Mberi through WhatsApp group who wanted  to import several goods from China. 

Due to the misrepresentation Mberi paid US$200 to Munyanyi at his offices in Harare CBD .

It is alleged that Munyanyi became unavailable resulting in the complainant to suffer a prejudice of US$200 .

Court heard that sometime early in 2022 , complainant Esther Paul was in Munyanyi WhatsApp group looking to assistance in importing products from China.

She proceeded to pay Munyanyi US$200 and was issued a receipt with a company called Munguard Suppliers.

Courts papers reported that Paul never received the products , Munyanyi allegedly exited the WhatsApp group and became evasive.

On a different count , Munyanyi allegedly duped complainant Gamuchirai Sisimai after she approached the accused looking to import goods from China.

Sisimai paid US$ 129 to Munyanyi at his offices in Harare.

Court heard that Munyanyi allegedly failed to deliver the products and exited the WhatsApp group. 

Due to Munyanyi misrepresentation complainants suffered a total prejudice of US$3 500.

Zebidiah Bofu represented the State.



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