Mutasa, Mliswa land dispute deepens

Mliswa, Mutasa, Martin Naivada Mutasa and Mabel Mananiseyi Maril Dete are listed as directors of Muungwe Investments.

FORMER State Security minister Didymus Mutasa has refuted claims made by his nephew, Temba Mliswa, regarding share ownership in Muungwe Investments Private Limited as the fight for vast pieces of land in Rusape rages.

Mutasa said he owns 100% of the shares in the company, contrary to Mliswa's assertion that holds a 10% stake.

Mliswa, Mutasa, Martin Naivada Mutasa and Mabel Mananiseyi Maril Dete are listed as directors of Muungwe Investments.

The fallout between Mliswa and other directors follows the release of minutes of a meeting allegedly held on January 14 this year in Rusape authorising Mutasa (Didymus) to enter into a land development agreement with Brobondo (Private) Limited on the land in question.

The land in question is held under Deed of Transfer number 7972/2008, Deed of Grant number 6600/2008 and Deed of Grant 8874/2008 in Lupane.

Mliswa on Tuesday said there was a plot to elbow him out in a grand land heist.

In response to Mliswa's allegations, Mutasa yesterday said Mliswa and Mabel Dete were no longer board members of Muungwe Investments. Dete and Mliswa reportedly resigned from the company in 2017 and 2021, respectively.

According to Mutasa, Mliswa was removed from the directorship structure in February 2021.

“The current directors of Muungwe Investments Private Limited are myself and Maivada Chikomba Mutasa. Removal of Temba Mliswa from directorship structure; I removed him in February 2021,” Mutasa said.

“I wrote him a letter to that effect. It was sent by email and also delivered to his Borrowdale address,” said Mutasa. “He did not challenge this removal then.

“He did not participate in any business of Muungwe Investments Private Limited or attend any meetings of the company, be it annual general meeting or emergency general meeting.”

Mutasa claimed that Mliswa did not contest his removal from the board and did not participate in any business or meetings of the company thereafter.

Mutasa claimed there was an agreement in 2015 to potentially allocate up to 30% of the company's shares to Mliswa and Dete in exchange for their contribution to the land development.

He, however, said the agreement never materialised because the housing development project in Rusape had not commenced at that time.

In 2022 Muungwe Investments legally engaged Brobondo Private Limited to spearhead the housing project, Mutasa said.

Regarding Mliswa's claim of possessing shares, Mutasa challenged him to produce a share certificate as evidence of ownership, while reiterating his sole ownership of 100% of the company's issued share capital.

Mliswa addressed a Press conference in Harare on Tuesday, where he accused Mutasa’s lawyers and Brobondo Private Limited of misrepresenting his resignation from the company.

“I wish to advise members of the public that there has neither been a company’s shareholder nor a directors’ resolution authorising the development and/or sale of stands to the public,” he told reporters.

Mliswa said he had instituted legal proceedings under HCHC42/24 against Brobondo and its partners.

He warned the public against buying housing stands on the disputed pieces of land in Rusape.

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